Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Commentators ...

On this blog, it seems comments go something like this ......

And I do think we are ALL entitled to do this ............BUT: Please note that your browser is NOT automatically directed to this site and has no need to visit here at all if you don't like it, it's really not compulsory to come here.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Dear Miss Chick,

I've seen the abusive comments on the last two posts. If the guy (and I'm certain it is one rather immature male) wants to make a point he should do it politely or get lost. In your position, I would delete his comments and select the "permanent" option to make his stuff vanish completely. Remember, you can delete a lot faster than he can write!

Anonymous said...

I second Mr. Bananas. I vote delete!

Gump said...

I DO have my browser set to visit everyday. I couldn't live without it.

Nairobi Typ0 said...


I hadn't read the comments on your earlier post until now and all I have to say is, "Wow." The Anon family of posters is off their collective rocker.

I have always found your posts to be not only interesting but thoughtful and well written. I know you don't need my validation or compliments but know that you have a silent non-commenting fan base who greatly look forward to your posts.

I would second those people who have suggested that you moderate you moderate your comments and "don't feed the trolls."

Dad Mzungu said...

As you know, you have to accept that there are idiots out there - bigoted, narrow-minded and racist.
Kenya, like here has freedom of speech, which sets it apart from many other states in Africa and further afield.
Just keep up the goo work and keep your majority fan club amused, entertained and informed.
BTW, my browser also visits your blogs daily

jay said...

Yeah, Mzungus stick together.

midnite said...

Muzungu chick, Keep the good work, every market has its mad people, I consider blogosphere a big market and those an uncouth, racist anonymous to be its mad people. BTW, do mad people represent the society they live in ?

Sukuma Kenya said...

Mzungu chick: its all part of the process...
Jay: "mzungus stick together??" What kind of a comment is that. In any case thanks for proving that stupidity is not based on colour.

seinlife said...

wacha zao! Do they buy your maziwa mala ama blue band for your bread? carry on....the likes of these ignoramus' is inevitable! so grown a very thick skin dada yangu and endelea vivyo hivyo....:-)

Dad Mzungu said...

Surely it should be "Kenyans, stick together", but unfortunately, I'm not a Kenyan ... yet.

Sorry for using your blog comments as a forum.

Anonymous said...

Well, if keep getting criticms, sometimes it's good to check yourself - it just might be you..
You're an idiot, Chick, though some really bright humour peeks through every once in a while, that's all.
Thank Jay, for proving what we already knew.Maybe you can take Chick out sometime who knows..
"Anon" - hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I haven’t visited the blog for a while. I am in shock, I am speechless.

Anonymous said...

….still in shock. There are some frightening people out there.


Anonymous said...

you need to moderate posts here! I did not believe that there are kenyans who are such narrow minded, na bado wanatumia lugha ya kiingereza kujieleza,thinking that they are more kenyan than others. Dont be dissuaded by little minds. We are all imigrants,ou anscestors came from congo ,sudan europe and asia ,thats accordind to pimary school history lessons. According to history,the only people to originate from kenya were homo erectus,homo habilis and australopithecus boisei,(from std7 GHC).Unless one is homo erectus,then he cannot claim to be more kenyan than others.
kimanthi j n

---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- said...

The good thing is, you still approved their comments & havent deleted them yet. Dont. (With a grin) They did give u a new post!

Anonymous said...

How come the ones complaining of 'anon' are also using 'anon'?

Keep deleting them white chick, they're still gonna be read by you, and you are the target anyway.

Masseni G. said...

I find that Africans rush to defend whites very quickly, faster than whites do them. And 'whites' cry 'racism' faster than any other group. Take a look around the web and you'll find that. Maybe whites should learn from these people. You'll not even find these over at kumekucha's blog,defending any writer, when the writers there are the ones most constantly under (the most interesting)attacks for their openly very pro- Odm stand.And they never cry 'tribalism/racism' either.They are that good. There's something about being i. a woman and ii. white, that prompts African people, and indeed all people to voraciously defend from any attack - must be some sort of socialization.What's more - these Africans are probably based in Kenya.
Chick, do yourself a favor, come back with a different name and do not mention your race or gender,or give it away at any time, and see if any of these African locals will even give a damn about your blog. Local kenyans love blogs from kenyans abroad, or from foreigners based in kenya or overseas -it is a fact- and only until you really prove yourself, which I have seen takes about two years even for the best blogs, e.g thinkers room, mzalendo, mental acrobatics,kumekucha,kenyan pundit. That way you'll know whether your blog was ever good enough to warrant the attention - or any ass-kissing it got - especially from the locals based in Kenya( you should know by now how home-based african kenyans looove foreigners) I can think of some good blogs where white people needed not mention their race in order to do well, e.g "south of West".
I know my people.

Also, it has always been my observation,their race or gender as an opening title in order to get attention, and use it as backup to their material. And since people act perpetually in self interest,it either i. gives them esteem, or ii.sympathy iii. nothing else. Otherwise there would be no reason to do it. So your blog title says "look at me, read me, I am white and i am kenyan". Same way "what a boer thinks" or "diary of a brown indian man" would do. It is an appendage and added for us "to know" and get attention. Who am I to speak; i have wasted enough time here already. Don't even know why I read this, I never read anything that proclaims its race/gender before proclaiming its material.Wisdom has taught me the best blogs rely not on race,gender, or handicap as appendages, such as the ones I have mentioned. I must be ill. But wisdom of the years to take, adios.

Gump said...

Masseni g, the title of this blog is unimportant to me. What brings me back to this blog everyday is the writing...and the occasional comment by Daddy M. I wish he had a blog too.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee,if you've had to read the comments, so do I. Leave the cowards be.

@masseni..a lot of economics and pyscology there... i agree much.
Are you my former prof? He used to talk that way. I think he died last year though, so maybe his ghost. Weird.

Something tells me that both white and black people still think it is 'preposterous' to talk back to a white person...but lost white chick seems to be v. open to this and will make it.Welcome to the 21st century people!!

Anonymous said...

@masseni.g: *whites cry racism faster than any other group* Really? where did you get that from I'd like to know?

*you should know by now how home-based african kenyans looove foreigners)*
Very condenscending attitude you have here. No actually I DID not know that.

*Also, it has always been my observation,their race or gender as an opening title in order to get attention, and use it as backup to their material.*

Of course because race and gender are some of the things that make us who we are and why not write about ourselves in our PERSONAL blogs?

As you correctly end by observing, if you don't like it, don't read it! But don't adopt a condescending attitute towards those of us who actually like it.

Gump said...

@ Masseni g:

BTW, South of West done gone. I heard he moved to Nunavut.

Anonymous said...


And here you are, telling her what to do. Also, you kind of confuse me on the homo erectus issue; look at it again and say it makes sense.
Na mtu awe from hapa or not, lazima awe na heshima, sote tuheshimiane.
A Lucky she has not degenerated to your level of mind, you low-esteemed african.

Msoms said...

Heeh, heh heh.
I agree.
Look at he number of africans that came here to defend Lost Chick. When tunashamubliwa huko kwingine, no one comes. I am thoroughly enjoying this show.
Peace out.

Dad Mzungu said...

Nice to see the majority if readers are open-minded
@Gump - I do have my own blog.

Anonymous said...

hi mzungu i am appalled at some of the comments that have hit your site. I am not going to reveal my colour. Or my gender. Or what my blog address is (i have - like you - added moderate commentary to political events and been assisinated in blogsphere. I don't intend for that to happen again, I am clearly not as brave as you). Too often people - black, white, brown - yell racist when they can't think of a better argument. when they lack the education or the imagination to articulate something rational and valuable. I salute you - your courage and, espeically, your writing. Your blog was hugely informative and valuable during the election crisis. keep writing. Kenyans deserve to have all kinds of voices.

Anonymous said...

there's nothing here for me. as is always with pple who call themselves by racial or tribal names(you can take reserach for yourself.nothing here hasn't been said/reported better at other blogs(at least for me) where infact there are real reporters witha lot of scoop, or at least ordinary kenyans who do not rely on ethnicity or race to get through. this blog is getting attention cos it's a white chick-suckers.
Nuff said.