Thursday, June 12, 2008


This just came through on 411;

"ANTI-GRAFT COURT summons Embakasi MP-elect Waititu"

..... And are we surprised?

I think Mama Taa is on his case already!


zed said...

off topic...just seen these sick comments. it's shocking but i think acknowledging them gives them kinda gives their poster ( i am sure it's one person using different handles) the notoriety he craves for. if filtering comments is not an option you'll consider why not just delete bigoted comments the moment you notice them. i know i'd feel better not having to read that ignorant bile.

for what it's worth...keep up the good work

kawasa from ug, said...

I'll take this opportunity to answer for her,just cos i've seen it in another post already:-
If it doesn't bother her, why does it bother you?
And now this is mine:-
And why did you not have a fresh comment for this posting,but chose to comment here for a post like a century ago?
Just sema you're another African fighting for a mzungu's attention. We see your type all over nai - and kenya, no wonder your raila and kibaki only listen to foreigners too.

Anonymous said...

i think embakasi is a constituency for thugs and Passaris was not thug/ghetto enough.then there is the mungiki factor,they are strong in embakasi,i hear they wanted her circumcised first,if she wanted to win


Gump said...


I'm back. I miss the Chick already.