Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kenya's by-election results

Good Morning Viewers ......

Sorry to disappoint you but I am still here and still have lots to say!!

As you may (or may not) know, we had some few by-elections yesterday of which the results are being released as we speak.

Sadly, because of the demise of two prominent members of parliament being killed in the tragic accident on Tuesday afternoon, it seems that, unsurprisingly, voters were kind of dejected, and voter turn out was quiet and numbers reported low.

Anyway today it seems in great Kenyan traditional electioneering spirit, things are livening up especially in the Kilgoris constituency - which is not entirely unexpected, that's for sure. It was always a tribal contest from the beginning with the most prominent two contestants advocating that the other would throw their fellow tribesmen off the land there.

We have one candidate from the Maasai tribe and one from the Kipsigis and both have been telling anyone who will listen that whatever happens - if you are a Maasai, you must stick with the Maasai, and the Kipsigis the same which actually is the reason why we never had any results that stuck the first time round, because with this kind of hate campaigning going on, whoever loses is very obviously going to have his fellow tribesman protest.

The latest I have on the Nation's (Kenyan daily by the way) update site was that Konchellah has won the seat and followed five minutes later by;

And there we have it, those pyromaniacs are back on the case, and already things are looking bad. We have to hope that the huge numbers of police that had deployed to the area get a grip very quickly on the situation and that these skirmishes will be plugged soonest.

Meanwhile the Wajir North seat has been won by ODM, (although over half way through results showed the KANU candidate leading), Ainamoi is also ODM with Langat clinching the seat, Emuhaya has been won by Otichillo, and now Waititu of PNU has just been reported to have won Embakasi from Esther Passaris of ODM (- so that's the Embakasi street lighting project out the window then!)

I'm sure this will NOT be the last of it, as we all know Samuel Kivuitu of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) is such a reliable kind of a fellow, I can't see anyone actually agreeing to these results if he has anything to do with it! Seeing as there are already reports in all of today's Dailies with regards to nonsense at the polls, chances are things may heat up a little yet.

Meanwhile here in town it's ..... BUDGET DAY

(Not sure of the definition of the Kenyan economy but currently it looks slightly fictional I feel!)

I'll keep you posted as and when I hear of anything ....


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you...but people ar not 'against you', but against the comments you might make once in a while. It sounds self piteous. And all those people who do not want the publishing of mzungu's comments - are you afraid to learn the wisdom that she has learnt in publishing them? What a boring blog it would be without opposing views. I want to see them.

p.s People are still 'annon' on the net,even if they sign on some names there, real or not. Even mzungu chick is not her real name is it? Duuuh.
How dumb are kenyans?

Gump said...

What? Mzungu Chick isn't your real name? I feel so deceived! I'm never coming back.

William Deed said...

Of course, just for the record, to anyone interested in visiting the Masai Mara, Kilgoris is in the North of Kenya and NOWHERE NEAR THE MARA.

There is no fighting here, not even any fisty cuffs. Even all the animals are now friends.

Anonymous said...

@ william deed,- and gump,

I am waiting for the joke.

Nah, I'll pass.

Well, we all crawled out of the wood work didn't we?