Monday, April 20, 2009

Ssshhh ........... it's me - slipped in under the radar !!

Slipped out for a while - defected to Wordpress - didn't much like it there ....... probably not enough critics - so thought I'd shoot back in here under the radar and hang out here again via Twitter.

Karibu tena chaps .......

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    Emilio said...

    Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!

    Alexander said...

    Not enough critics? The very concepts of blogosphere and criticism are absolutely antonomic! Blogs comments are for grovelling and sycophancy, and that is what bloggers expect.

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    Mercy Kakoro said...

    Dear lost white Kenyan chic,

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    Please find below links to reports that are part of AfriCOG’s responsive research program examining topical issues of public interest in a bid to provide insight into structural causes of corruption and bad governance. Digital copies of these publications are available on our website

    Review of securities regulation

    The maize scandal

    Five years on: How effective is the KACC in Kenya’s fight against corruption?

    Analysis of the fiscal management bill, 2008

    Ndung’u faults state’s resolve on land reforms

    Ringera: House urged to deny KACC funds

    Analysis of the triton oil scandal

    ?mission impossible? Implementing the Ndung'u report

    Implementing the Ndung’u report - short version

    "Free for all? Misuse of funds at the electoral commission of Kenya" - short version

    "Free for all?" Misuse of funds at the electoral commission of Kenya - full report

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    Commissions of inquiry report

    An audit of kibaki's government anti-corruption drive

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