Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anything the UK can do, the US can obviously do much better!!

Not sure if you’ve ever come across my blog before or read about the news story somewhere else, but I had written about the Royal Air Force who lost a bomb a couple of weeks ago. whilst out on exercise in Scotland somewhere. Not sure if it ever turned up, but ....

“Let’s not overreact and ‘Go All Football’, we’ll just carry on as if nothing had happened and hope that some nice chap might just come across whilst out walking his dog one day and give us a quick tinkle so that we can swing by and pick it up sometime!”

Well, the Americans – not to be outdone by the Brits in any form or other have gone one better – in fact, I wouldn’t even say one better – but in true American style – totally over the top in fact.

The US Air Force not only lost the odd bomb, but totally misplaced six nuclear warheads!!

……. The paper cites anonymous sources who say that five (later updated to six) Advanced Cruise Missiles were mistakenly loaded on a B-52 bomber that flew from a base in North Dakota to one in Louisiana. The missiles, set to be decommissioned, should have been removed from the plane. Instead, they were mounted on the bomber’s wings……

Thankfully it was only for a 3 hour period and the US Air Force hasten to assure us, that the public was never at risk - ‘because of safeguards that should of kept the warheads from detonating in the event of a crash or accidental launch.’!!

……. What on earth do you mean ‘SHOULD’?!? - Perhaps they should have notified the crew flying the plane that they were carrying them in the first place – perhaps that might have been a little more useful!!


The Farmers Wife said...

and why am i not surprised by this? sigh.


I agree fw.
Thought you'd like this little update i picked up in the press
'On landing the pilots went to lunch and left the loaded bombs on the runway for 9 hours!! But don't worry coz Robert Gates, the US defence secretary said that although they would like to reduce the chance of the incident recurring, "it would be silly to promise it won't happen again".