Friday, October 12, 2007

Whatever happened to Steve Fossett?

Here in Nairobi last weekend we had an air show. It was an awesome affair, with the highlight being two incredible pilots flying some incredible acrobatics in their Pitt's specials, and it reminded me of another daring man that we all seem to have conveniently wiped out of our minds.
I’m not sure if people have very short memories or Steve Fossett's is just not important enough even though he had many brilliant and historic achievements, but it seems we’ve all just stopped looking. In his career he set 115 new world records or world firsts, and holds current official World Records in 5 sports. Now surely that's something bragable?
I find it kind of disturbing that one night on every news channel headlined the story that he went missing but then, hey, a couple of day's searching – no sign it seems – so stuff him – lets move on.
He wasn’t doing anything exciting enough at the time – just flying his plane, not attempting to break any records or anything so it seems its not very interesting and we can forget that somewhere out there in the Navada dessert is this fellow – or what remains of him. He’s got to be there somewhere – I mean, it’s highly unlikely someone took him, is it? Personally I can’t see high demand for old fat boy adventurers? (No offence to him at all - but really i would hardly say he was the nickable type ..........)
Anyway its been over a month now and not a word and I do think that perhaps it does deserve the odd mention from time to time as it must be horrendous for his family to just never have any idea of what happened or where on earth he ended up.
Thoughts and prayers to them all.
Please take a look at his website

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