Friday, October 26, 2007

Life Sucks !

Just popped into the docs for a harmless prescription to help me through 'fruitcakedom', with the added bonus of helping my stressed out irritable bowel!

Well, i ask you. I had been in and out almost scott free when;

First of all I met a friend in the reception i hadn't seen in ages who asked me how i was. - Bad idea considering;

a) I was in the doctors surgery

b) Was awfully red eyed and weepy - and ALL women should know the drill - NEVER be nice to someone when she is very obviously on the brink of tears! - It is the sure way to crack the gate to full on waterworks and means your nice friendly doctor is in danger of flooding her office and will almost certainly have to change into a rubber frock!

c) My ex-husband's getting married today to the thin, pretty chick with a face of stone. (They'll be no laughter lines on her when she's old and grey, let me tell you!)

Then - can you believe - to top it all - the nurse caught me and said she needed to weigh me! ........ Weigh Me! ...... Is she kidding?!?! ............. Well apparently not.

I did suggest perhaps "Far Too Much" or "Extra Large" might do it if she just wrote that down as a 'sure guess' without the full blown embarrassment of climbing on the scales - but Oh No, she absolutely insisted!

She said if it would make me feel better i could take my shoes off - like that make a shed load of difference!! - I mean where were my 5kg high heels when i needed them!

And tell me this - how come i didn't get the only decent symptom on the 'Irritable Bowel' list, of 'loss of weight'. I want that symptom and not just the gut wrenching cramps, 'Michelin' man looks and serious wind that has my son shouting 'Mum, mum, the dog's done a windy again!' every 5 minutes.

(Hey, perhaps one day I'll let on it's really me and stop kicking the dog!)

.......................... Life, ... it's so not fair!!


Anonymous said...

lol, still getting over the stink in the docters office, looks like i'm gonna be bookmarking this, keep it comming


Thanks for the comment Anon. It's great to share my drivel. hope you keep enjoying it