Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oooooooh .........

Yesterday our Finance Minister, the dear and honourable Amos Kimunya (who I understand is - funnily enough - Kibaki's nephew!) told the press "He would rather die than resign his post"

Today news just in HOT off the wire .......

'FINANCE MINISTER Kimunya "steps aside" after consultations with Kibaki to allow for investigations on Grand Regency sale;'

read more here

Don't suppose he's feeling quite so well this morning then !!


Dad Mzungu said...

Wow! A Kenyan politician doing the honorable thing!
Or even: Wow! A politician doing the honorable thing!

I knew Kenya would rise from the ashes, and common sense would reign once again in parliament - or am I jumping the gun with rose-tinted glasses of gin and tonic?

aims said...

I'm with Dad Mzungu....Wow!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Loved the irony in your post today. Made me chuckle.

belle said...

tagged you tagged you ner ner ne ner ner! It's not a meme, it's a UU so pthththth! :)


DM - Not sure if it really was a case of stepping down rather than being pushed rather hard!

Aims - Mmmmm, again not sure if it's as noble as it seems.

Wildeyearnings - :)

Belle - ARGH .... I'll be straight over and find out what UU I'll be UUing!.. and pthththth TOO x

Oren_Licus said...

lmfao...maybe he changed his mind after somebody actually gave him those options: resign or die


Dad Mzungu said...

I quite agree, but for any politician to relinquish his post is a step in the right direction.
In the UK you can always tell when an MP is about to go. The PM states that said MP has the full backing of the party - a political death knell if there ever was one.