Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Damn, they're clever these politicians ....

I stand in awe.

Parliament sat yesterday and had a jolly loud debate about what to do about our striking students. And what did they decide was the solution, (besides of course their bright idea of bringing back caning - because of course those annoying "human rights" fellows won't like that one bit!), so no, no, the smashing Minister of Education, the ever so clever "PROFESSOR" (no less) Sam Ongeri announced 'new regulations to stem the wave of unrest in our Secondary Schools' as follows .........

1. No secondary school student will henceforth be allowed to carry a mobile phone to school, and
2. Purchase of school buses with TV sets, DVD players and music systems have been banned.

Phew - glad you've sorted that out then. Don't you worry about those kids exams or the fact that you totally and utterly screwed up the KCSE results for last year. As long as none of them carries a mobile phone or listens to any music on the way to school, all of course shall be well!!



belle said...

You are so right, banning phones and having dull buses will sort all that unrest out.

Yeah, right ...!

Dad Mzungu said...

At least the situation with the naughty little students in Kenya is making the Dept.of Education in the UK look a little less stupid than they really are.
Up to last year, schools were given an address sticker with the SATs papers. When the exams were over, the school put the papers in an envelope, stuck the label on and they would go directly to a marker.
This year, the papers all went to a central point (probably somewhere central like Truro)where they were distributed to markers.
Today is the last day of the school year and many kids still haven't got their results.
Just why do governments have to make crass decisions to fix something that ain't broke?
By the way, did anyone think to ask the Kenyan students what they thought the problem was?


nuttycow said...

What the...?

Dear me, I despair!

How are you getting along with the new smoking ban MC?

aims said...

Let's all keep our head in the sand - shall we?

Oh Duh!

I'm despairing right along with nuttycow....

Anonymous said...

Banning mobiles. What a great idea. Isn't that what ended the strikes in the Gdansk shipyards?


I'm not sure why on earth this isn't the solution to world peace actually - The banning of mobile phones and having only boring buses to get around with!

Nuttycow - The smoking ban is interesting - no-one's quite sure anymore where or where not to smoke although I'm told that smoking while driving in your car with the windows UP is ok and you'll be done if caught smoking in the car with the windows down! He He :)

Baba W&M said...

As usual our esteemed parliamentarians and media wait for a problem to fester and when its all nice and stinky (or somebody dies) then we have "Oh oh I think we have a problem here". Schools are no longer educational institutions - they are businesses.
Good old discipline (and I don't mean caning) is gone "lest we disappont our customers and they move to the school down the road..."
The next problem I see with schools is these school transport vans, that were once matatus, stuffed full of little souls and driven by ex-matatu drivers. Who regulates them...or do we wait for somebody to die ??