Monday, November 26, 2007

The Monday Blues!

Wit, charm and anything else remotely resembling sanity seems to have totally escaped me today.

I’m just mad mad mad at the world – I think it must be the weather – its bloody raining again!

I can’t actually find anything really that I should be annoyed by but I so don’t want to be here at work, I so don’t want to be in this life – I want a new one – this one totally sucks!

Work is soooooooooooooooo boring today – I have absolutely no interest in anything.

Do you think it’s the weather, the depression or my age catching up with me?
Perhaps it’s a combination of the 3.

There’s a great blog I follow called ‘Running in Wellies’ and can you believe that poor woman has to deal with months of the year without even seeing the sun to speak of and yet here I am after 24 hours of rain whining like a baby!

My body is so not configured for cold and wet – it only does hot and dry.

Am thinking of emigrating – I wonder what the Gulf is like at this time of year – do they do rain there or just hot, dry and sandy? I think I could do with a bit of hot, dry and sandy.

If I was a celebrity – Do you think someone might come and get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!


Primal Sneeze said...

Yeah, the Gulf would be a runner. Strike Ireland off your list though - we just have cold and wet. Sometimes for variation, we have wet and cold.


Thanks Mr Sneeze. Yes think i will avoid Ireland at all costs - cold and wet are so not for me ... although wet and cold .....Mmmm, perhaps i could try that one out instead.

Szavanna said...

Hm I am feeling so much like you right now. About work. The weather is perfect - i don't need to move....or may be I I am thinking of India...

Good luck with trying "wet and cold" :-)