Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas shopping online

I’ve been looking through online shopping sites (– as you do of course when you’re at work and it is nearly December!! – I mean what else is that company paid for 24hour internet connection in aid of I ask you?)

Anyway, as I was saying, - I’ve been shopping and its absolutely fab – I’ve seen gorgeous things for me – lots of them and I want them all - although I really can’t afford them and sadly won’t be finding anyone else who could perhaps be persuaded to buy them for me – but no matter I’m actually supposed to be shopping for my son…….

No, better rephrase that – seeing as I’m at work
– I’m not of course supposed to be shopping for anyone –

but I was browsing interesting work related things and ……

“Oops look I happened to drop into the Amazon site”

– “Goodness me, now how did that happen??”

“Oh, well, now that I’m here – best make the most of it don’t you think?”

SO here I am doing a spot of Amazon shopping and I’m looking for a Playstation game that my son’s been going on about so I type in ‘BIONICLE PLAYSTATION’ into the ‘SEARCH’
…. And what pops up……………

Your search "bionicle playstation" did not match any products.
However, Amazon recommends….

Well how fab is that? – Some little robot that programmed the search engine must have a superb sense of humour.
Actually I was so impressed I decided that I really should own this book so I hit “BUY IT”, and of course then you get the ‘Perfect Partner’ recommendation which was even more impressive…

Well that’s it – I’m sold!!
Have added both to my ‘Wish List’ which of course I will then buy for myself!!

Oh damn – wasn’t I supposed to be small boy shopping?

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