Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Dilemma

It seems that i am in a terrible dilemma at the moment. It may sound awfully bizarre to most women out there and perhaps totally normal for most men (I'm not really sure)- but i have this complete obsession about cars!

I have a perfectly good, functioning vehicle which actually i absolutely love and have no complaints about whatsoever. It fits my son and me in perfectly, (including the odd friend), and if you put the back seats down the two large hounds fit in quite nicely as well, but I just can't seem to shake this want I have for a new car!

It doesn't even have to be a 'new out of the showroom with that gorgeous smell' new, but just new to me. And all the ones on the road that I just obsess about when driving about town are enormous, diesel 4x4 machines.

I mean, what on earth do i need some enormous 8 seater fuel guzzling monster for? .. I can't really work it out but I just love them.

Now if I was my shrink (who of course I don't dare tell about my car obsession as I'll get labelled as over-compensating for something or other ......er..........Duh! - and I really don't need to hear that out loud!),
I would analyse this obsession thoroughly, so I thought I'd just do that for myself, so here goes ...............

Reasons for wanting an extremely large off road beast ...

1. The enormous amount of seats available mean that my son and I can pretend we have lots of friends in which to fill all those seats with and go places!

2. I can charge into the traffic at high speed and people will quake with fear in my wake!

3. I can fill the extremely large boot with extra hounds, or perhaps a small horse!

4. We can look like we do camping at weekends (although i feel i have a distinct allergy to canvas - at least we can look the part!)

5. When i get a puncture i can get some gorgeous hunk and his hi-lift jack to help me out
......... In fact that one sounds like such a good idea - I might just drive around town with a bunch of nails in my glove box in case of drop dead gorgeous man driving by!!

Truthfully, I think this obsession is a case of feeling bloody old and refusing point blank to accept that i may be officially 'middle aged'........... or perhaps it's just a distinct lack of sex ............

................... ER ......................... PROBABLY BOTH!


Single Mother on the Verge said...

hello fellow single mother....in Kenya. I shall check back here from time to time!

Single Mother on the Verge said...
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Great to hear from you SMOV. Look forward to seeing you here!