Sunday, May 18, 2008

There IS light at the end of the tunnel after all ...

Sorry for the lack of drivel from me in the last few days. It isn't often that I'm quiet, but I've been slightly busy.

I finally raised my head from the pillow Thursday without throwing up or spinning around, and with only a slight head knock, which was such a bonus after 10 days of 'explosive head syndrome'.

Decided I’d better venture into the office and peep round the door and see how big my ‘In-tray’ had grown. (I was thinking that if it perhaps looked like something resembling Kilimanjaro, I could get hold of the bomb squad to send in first to blow up the pile until it got down to a more manageable size.)

Anyway, it turned out my staff know me better than I thought, and although a fairly large amount of paper waited for my signature, it looked kind of bearable and so in I snuck. (Great word that - ‘snuck’ – total lie however, as chances of me sneaking in anywhere are incredibly slim, with my big mouth and clip clop high heeled boots that I love wearing!)

Anyway back to the point (if there is one of course) – the staffed foxed me good and proper, and as I tried to make the level of the pile head downwards they just kept topping it up!

I did pretty well though, and had almost reached the bottom before my head went into shock – although this time it was more likely to have been a stress related headache rather than the dreaded lurgy of mine resurfacing, but still, - the head did get to a stage where it couldn’t look at another bit of paper. So I bailed out, and went and met a friend for a coffee instead (as you do of course when you’re supposed to be at work… I think it’s known as ‘networking’ – it’s fabulous – I highly recommend it!)

So got through Thursday and was so excited that finally I got to speak to people again, and not just those who exist in my head in outerspace as, as much as you lot are rather fabulous of course, I can't seem to excercise the mouth as well, and as you may have gathered from the amount of garbage I can spit out on this thing, I am one who’s quite keen for a bit of a chat!

Friday I actually put on a skirt in celebration. Celebration for the fact of course that it was already Furihday (Can I just say I do like these 2 day working weeks), secondly, I finally got to ‘shoot the breeze’ , and, most importantly, the small detail that my head did not finally feel like it wanted to explode …..Yay!!

Now you may think that the donning of a skirt is no big deal, but that’s because you haven’t seen me in my general attire of black trousers or blue jeans. And what a sensation it caused let me tell you. In our office they wanted to declare a public holiday in honour of me wearing said skirt, because they all know that usually I only dust those legs of mine off once a year for such an occasion and that’s in honour of Christmas Day! (being of course that my kind of skirts are hardly 3 inches on the ‘micro’ side but more like 3 feet on the ‘make sure it’s all covered’ side – meaning the dusting off of the legs is of no consequence whatsoever, and I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about, but nevertheless, ‘the chick in a skirt’, always causes a stir.)

It was though, like all my Christmases had come at once.

No more looking through the ‘Book of Death’ every hour telling me the same useless bit of information …”Go and see your doctor NOW”, for every symptom I had. No more playing Bingo online and feeling like I should be parking a Zimmer frame at the front door for special outings, and finally real conversations with real people that weren’t incredibly hairy and rushed about on four legs panting a lot !

(Sounds like I got stuck in an old people’s home reading that … but I meant my dogs, who although pretty damn smart let me tell you, are bit of a bore when it comes to conversations concerning the price of cheese in Outer Mongolia. It seems their interests are closer to home, and conversations are slightly limited and tend to deal with topics such as;

“Will you feed me?”,

“Can we go for a walk?”,

“Drive in the car perhaps?”, or

“I’m sure someone mentioned food.”)

So you see, I’m back, and full of nonsense yet again.

‘There is light at the end of the tunnel after all’ ……..

Woo Hoo .......


Dad Mzungu said...


So good to have you back. Now I can read your drivel, I mean scintilating conversation, instead of writing mine.
Glad your head didn't explode. It can be quite traumatic for 8 year-olds to find Mummy (or, to a lesser extent, Daddy) plastered all over the walls.
But then again, I know a couple of 8 year-olds who would utter the Swahili, or maybe Gusii equivalent of "Wicked" or "Cool" and ask for it to be done again.
Don't you just love kids?

Gorilla Bananas said...

Glad you're well Miss Chick! If you want a real conversation with an incredibly hairy person you known where to go. Can you run in that skirt?

Baba W&M said...

Good to have you up and running off your mouth again.

nuttycow said...

Glad you're feeling better. What's the weather like out there? Only 5 days to go 'til I come out :D

SDM said...

Great blog. thanks for the comment on mine. The jury is still out on whether it should be Dormans or JH for long road trips... it was a very unsubtle dig at Java, to get them to step up. I see you have the Mara link, so you probably know that Dormans IS supporting conservation.

I do have some grovelling to do, but not for photos. Would you mind telling me how you got the very cool, sexy, un mommy-ish flickr widget into your sidebar?

Expatmum said...

Great photo! Glad you're feeling better. Surely you got skinny being that ill?


DM - thanks for that.

Mr Bananas - I can certainly run if I see a very hairy person and lift my skirt and leg it!

Baba W&M - He He :)

Nuttycow - Weather stinking hot yesterday and drizzly all day today so pack everything!

SDM - Totally with you there - Dormans IS SO supporting conservation and where are the Java lot??

As for my sexy little widget, you're going to have to grovel a little more than that I'm afraid. He He.

Actually to tell you the honest truth - I can't remember, but when I do, I'll swing by and let you know. :)

Expatmum - Can you bloody believe I didn't loose a sodding kilo staying in bed for a week. Totally NOT worth it!!

Primal Sneeze said...

She's back! Grand so. I can sleep (un)easy tonight.

aims said...

Glad you are feeling better. I was really beginning to wonder....