Friday, May 2, 2008

Just a thought ........

At the beginning of the week, when it was announced that our newly ensconced Prime Minister would be flying out of the country for a spot of scheduled surgery and probably would not be back before the weekend, it crossed my mind that it was a little odd that Raila would not be around for such a big celebration as Labour Day, especially seeing as he has only just been sworn in and this would be the first proper state occasion at which to show off the new coalition and the new peace for Kenya.

BUT then, our dear President took to the podium and announced that for a second year in a row there would be no review of the minimum wage. He explained this was to protect businesses that were suffering from the post election chaos, and that the wanainchi shouldn't worry about the over inflated cabinet that was swallowing all the cash, because if we want peace that is a price we have to pay.

Then I realised how CONVENIENT it was that Honourable Raila Odinga was not part of this news, knowing full well I assume, that it would go down with our people like a lead balloon. Surely this means that in the future, if needs be (and chances are they will), he can turn around and say he had nothing to do with the decision not to raise the minimum wage and 'What on earth was Kibaki thinking?'

Thing is, if this is supposedly a 'coalition' government, does that not mean that with such major decisions as whether or not to review the minimum wage should surely have been discussed between them .... Ama ?

"Mmmm, yes, think I too might have opted for the laser eye surgery than be party to what was obviously going to be a bit of a crap day out .."

Also interesting don't you think, that our President blames the wanainchi for the chaos and says therefore we should pay the bill for it, knowing full well that ultimately POVERTY is what has got us to this awful position in the first place, and all he is doing is sinking us further into the mud by this decision.

Do you think these people will ever actually see the daylight, or will they conveniently sit aloft in their grand towers until the end of time?


aims said...

I honestly don't know what to say!

William Deed said...

Here's another thought...

why don't you put your mind to something more useful instead and play your turn.

Dad Mzungu said...

I had formed the opinion a long time ago that your esteemed President is merely a puppet who fumbles and stumbles through speeches written for him. The question is who has their hand up his @r$e to work his mouth?

Poverty is indeed the biggest problem blighting Kenya, but as long as the government fails to cut their cloth according to its width, creating unnecessary ministries to give "friends" an opportunity to rape and pillage the country, the big problem will remain.

Grain of comfort? You could be living in Zimbabwe!

zed said...

i read somewhere that the surgery costs around £500 (in kenya i suppose). i guess a return ticket and entire germany stay plus the south-african 'recuperation' detour, with the rest of the family flown in, did actually cost LESS then huh? and who exactly is paying for it?

and i doubt if raila or any kenyan politician gives a toss about wananchi, public opinion, or posses any shred of moral consciousness. why bother with public opinion when you can appeal to their murderous instincts, have them kill each other each election cycle, so you can 'eat' on their behalf? works all the time in kenya so why exactly change it?

inspite of his protests raila and his lot just wanted power for powers sake and they now feel they can do as they please with it. i haven't seen raila and his lot say anything new or act different to signal that we'll make any progress out of this arrangement.same silly excuses, childish behaviour and 'up-yours' 'mta do?' bloody idiots.

Baba W&M said...

@dad M, it may surprise you that the Baks (our esteemed president) is not a puppet as many people assume. He has got a mind of his own and has made many bad (and also many good) desicions. One needs to understand the political climate he is operating in.

Politicians are slowly becoming redundant. Kenyans are realising that they do not provide the answers to thier problems and if anything aggravate these further.

Anonymous said...

I have now lost all hope! Surely, couldn’t these politicians just show a little compassion?

What kind of human being enjoys that kind of lavish lifestyle while the majority of Kenyans live in squalor?

I would not be able to enjoy it! This is partly why I am never returning to live in Kenya.