Saturday, August 4, 2007

Foot and Mouth outbreak

Woke up this morning to the terrible news of foot and mouth again in the UK and it broke my heart to see all those raked up images from 2001, and I am now feeling terribly guilty for all the things I said earlier of farmers and their subsidies. I realise they are not trying to take away our market of fruit and veg and that buying locally grown food is always going to be better for any economy and anyway basically I do not know enough to comment and should really shut my gob!
The foot and mouth really brought me back down to earth – those poor farmers have only just got their stocks back on track after the terrible disaster of 2001 and the way the government so badly handled the situation then. I only hope to god they don’t repeat that catastrophe this time and keep this foot and mouth outbreak under control without the unnecessary mass slaughter of animals as they did last time.
Here in Kenya, i wouldn't say foot and mouth is common place but it is not uncommon either, and it has never led to mass slaughter of any animal as quarantining areas – mainly slaughterhouses – in good time and preventing movement of animals from the areas in the vicinity seems to get it under control every time and surely the UK government should know a lot better than us poor backward third worlders!(- or so they’d like to think anyhow!) Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers with all the farmers and animals in Surrey I’d say.

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