Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kids, Questions and undesirable pets

Read a great blog today with a couple of different entries - both relative to kids and anyone out there with one or more of the little blighters will completely understand and relate.
One of them was about asking questions. The continuous "WHY?" about absolutely everything around them. "Why this?" "Why that?" ... and it never ends!
I always start answering the endless questioning and then after some time completely loose my cool and go with "Because!" - That's it - that's my answer!
Now I'm feeling a little guilty as the 'Reluctant Memsahib' points out on her blog, we all get to a stage where the questions dry up as we think we know it all and then as you get older you wish you'd asked more questions. I found that so true and now i really wish i gave some better answers than "Because". Anyway there's no going back now but i realise that i shouldn't be such a crap mum and should give more intelligent answers as a child's quest for knowledge at such a young age is relentless and shouldn't be quelled as they listen to everything and absorb it all like little sponges, it's awesome.
The other posting i really related to was the one on children's pets dying. We've been through those and been down the pet shop first thing on a Saturday morning waiting for the place to open so you can rush in and get yet another hamster to replace the one who's stiff as a board in his cage that morning!
We went through 3 'Tomandy the hamster's' before my son got to find the last one himself - stiff as a board - behind his skateboard on the verandah and he never got replaced. The poor little thing had been taken out of his cage by one of my son's delightful friends and escaped, and we never could find the little beggar until he turned up under his skateboard. It was actually very sad and once again proved my complete incompetence to be able to look after anything - no matter how small!
Oh well - all I can do is soldier on and keep trying to be the perfect mother - no matter that I'm trying to do it alone, (and hopefully I'll not turn out anything like my own mother - or i really will be diving off the fridge freezer!)

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