Thursday, August 9, 2007

Less Sex - More Work!

Read a great article in one of the daily rags today - it didn't have an author or anything i can attribute it to but i had to share it...
Apparently turns out that someone has been doing one of those absolutely pointless surveys and has found out the following pointless information (How i do love useless information - it makes the world go round a lot quicker!) -
"Folks with pathetic sex lives work harder!"
A survey done by some University geek researchers somewhere in the world has noted that 35% of women and 36% of men said they were likely to put extra time in at the office and volunteer for extra assignments if they felt they were having an unsatisfactory sex life. This work ethic was even more pronounced (apparently) in those having no sex at all - 45% of men and 46% of women!
Now that really got me thinking.
Perhaps when we next conduct interviews we should include a question on how satisfactory the candidate felt their sex life was - and if the answer is "most unsatisfactory" or even better - "non-existent" - we should most definitely employ them immediately!
Yes i definitely think I'll re-do our employee forms tomorrow and include that one! Could be i end up with a serious bunch of hard workers. Mind you - knowing my luck - it'll just end up being a serious bunch of randy work mates who are all trying to get into each others knickers and we'll end up with more problems than we do already juggling maternity leaves!
No - perhaps I'll leave it out after all. Any more pregnancies in our company this year and it'll do me in!

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