Sunday, August 12, 2007

So Last Season !

Now i realise what a terrible mother i really am! - As if i didn't have a real inkling!!
Came home from work and - as usual - was complaining about our gardener. We have the garden the size of a postage stamp - probably enormous in European terms - but in Kenyan terms F.. ALL!! It's because we live in a small compound within a much larger one. Works great for security as there are 7 houses scattered throughout the place, but what it does mean is that we have a small fenced space which holds us in - mainly for my 2 enormous dogs - so they don't eat the countless Jack Russells that roam the main compound. Its generally not seen as politically correct to let my Rottweiler out to greet their angry toilet brushes - especially as they all belong to my landlord!
Anyway what this all means - is that my garden is far too small for one fellow to spend his entire day doing anything to at all and therefore i spend my entire time finding other tasks for my gardener. I've taught him how to iron - which can sometimes be a little dodgy - but hey I'm not one for designer clothes and such like and do most of my shopping in 'Mitumba' which is the local second hand clothes market here - so I'm not too proud of the odd burn mark and clothes ironed flat - that should of probably stayed with the 'ruffled' effect that some poor designer had spent hours getting perfect. And i do love the crease he gets in my socks!!
No seriously he's a great guy my gardener, it's just he is the laziest fellow on the planet. His entire day consists of washing the car, walking the dogs, and a spot of ironing. The only reason i keep him on - besides the fact that he's really quite a nice guy and deserves some kind of job - is that on the one day a week my house girl is off duty - the man is a godsend as he hangs out with my son when he doesn't want to follow me about to polo or some horse show or other - so for that he's great.
Funnily enough listing down here about his good points makes me realise that he's probably not so annoying after all. I mean this holiday - it's really been him who has got my son to finally ride his bike without its training wheels - as i have the patience of a flea and just end up getting annoyed when my son doesn't get it right immediately!
So there you go - perhaps i shouldn't be whinging at all about the man - but as usual i was the other day, and my son sits listening and then turns to me and says
"I know Mum, He's so last season!"
- Out of the mouths of babes! And it just proved the boy watches far too much TV!
My goodness - what would Granny say!! Luckily she usually warns me she's coming over so I can warn my son and get him to do something else (rather than watch TV) until granny's been and gone!! Otherwise you get that muttering under their breath of what a crap parent you are, that only Granny's have perfected (especially when they're your EX Mother -in-law!). Actually she's an absolute star and really helps out when she can (which is more than can be said of her son - the father of this small boy), so I can put up with the occasional muttering!

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