Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Long Way Down

They've done it again. Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman have got back on their BMW bikes and headed out from Northern Scotland to Cape Town.
Sadly i had no idea they were doing the trip and hadn't even realised they were on it until the day they finished in Cape Town and there was a clip on the BBC news website.
Funnily enough i saw a picture of them both in the business pages in one of the local papers last week with Richard Branson at the Giraffe Manor giving away bikes to a great NGO 'Riders for Health' who go round with bikes getting out essential medical care into the middle of nowhere in and around Kenya and other African countries. Great cause and well done to all of them!
I'm a little gutted that they were here on my home turf and i had no idea but chuffed for them they've made it and can't wait for the new programme showing their trip. Shame we didn't know they were about as perhaps could of wangled some way of meeting them - Probably a little unrealistic - But Hey - Dreams are free!
Also saw something on the web which was very disturbing. Some rebels who hang out down near the gorillas in Bwindi threatened Ewan MacGregor if he dared to film the gorillas. Well it turns out Ewan and Charley did go and see the gorillas as i saw some photos on their website of their trip and although they were not threatened at all whilst there, there were 4 gorillas killed just recently by the rebels as a threat to the world - not for their meat or skins or anything else - but just left in the park just to show the world they were in control i suppose. All awful speculation, but it's terrible, and i do hope that those 2 on their bikes didn't cause the whole thing - horrific thought but all too uncanny that the 4 gorillas got killed around the same time as the Long Way Down trip visited Bwindi.
Anyway too awful to dwell on. Sadly here in Africa these kind of things are all too familiar.

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