Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Absolute Shocker from 'The Telegraph'

Please tell me this is not the general state of journalism in the UK these days .....

I have just found this headline on the Telegraph's online news site;

"Kenya's PM Mwai Kibaki awaits election vote"
by Mike Pflanz in Nairobi

Please note that Kenya does not and never has had a Prime Minister in this country since independence and you'll find that the Honorable Mwai Kibaki is currently (at least for the next 24 hours anyhow) the President of our country and not as the great journalist suggests in his headline the PM!

If someone would just like to clarify this small point to Mr Pflanz - that would be marvelous.


Primal Sneeze said...

We don't have newspapers on the 26th (unless you count tabloid crap) so I got The (UK) Times instead. It got it correct if that's any consolation.

Actually they had a very good piece by a guy in Kaloleni. He opened by telling how villagers were plied with free mnazi for hours so that when Odinga finally arrived on his visit they all swooned over him.

Anonymous said...

Your blog just got featured on France24 English like 10 minutes ago.


Thanks Primal - thank god for The Times I say! - Actually you'll be pleased to know that someone actually woke up at The Telegraph and changed the headline to;
"Kenya's president awaits election vote"!
I like the bit about the fellow in Kaloleni saying that everyone was plied with free Mnazi - it's so the way electioneering works around here.
The nonsense has already started with half the polling stations opening late and one of them even having to cancel their civic election as one of the candidates got missed off the ballot paper!
... I think we're in for the long haul as we've got 2,548 candidates and 135+ political parties vying for the parliamentary seats .. Mmmm, that must be multipartyism for you.

Anon - Glad the French are getting involved - hope they didn't slag me off too much though - I'll have to have a look at that.

Anonymous said...

hehe, don't worry, nothing negative. They have a section where they feature Web News where they also add what's going on in blogs and forums. They are trying to cover the Kenyan elections as much as they can. Apart from BBC they are the only source of international news I can get on tv 24 hours a day.


Thanks Anon for that. Glad to hear that nothing negative was said and that i have now had my 10 seconds of fame!

Have tried to watch it online myself but sadly my GPRS thingy just isn't up to the task.

Sorry to hear you have a lack of news in your parts. If there's any way i can help you out in keeping you updated, please don't hesitate to ask. :-)