Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hot Tips for 'Sensible Drinking at Christmas'

My medical insurance company has just sent me through an email with some top advice on 'Sensible drinking at Christmas' - apart from the usual 8 to 10 glasses of water per day of course!

Now, I'm really sorry but, although i realise that i do live in the back end of nowhere when it comes to health care, i pay a lot of bloody money for that medical insurance and i wish to make the most of that by hopefully having myself evacuated off for a fine holiday in South Africa or the UK - all because i got a little drunk and tripped over the dog, so you can be damn sure I'll be doing nothing sensible this Christmas, and I'll not be reading that !

....... the little voice in my head of course got the better of me, nagging with the;

"MC, how can you be so insensitive to the efforts of some poor struggling young doctor who's being paid wad loads of cash writing these articles on the bloody obvious in order to benefit your health!"

……… so I read on and realised with much delight that some of the advice was really quite excellent, so I thought I'd share and ease my conscience for my little outburst earlier dissing my insurance company .....
(I have of course added my own explanations in and am now quite happy with these sensible drinking rules)


  • Eat before you go out, so you are not drinking on an empty stomach
    (This of course means you can drink a damn site more before your legs give way)
  • Set yourself a limit for each occasion - and stick to it
    (Now if that's going to be 2 bottles of wine - or perhaps 3 if you think it might be a long one - make sure you get it all down your neck before you even think about going home)
  • Skip the ‘quick drink’ at lunchtime or after work
    (Make sure you get loads of chums together and make it an exceptionally long lunch so you can get a few extra down before wobbling back to the office)
  • Learn how to say No and avoid pressure if you don’t want a drink
    (If of course, you have absolutely no intention of saying the word and would absolutely love a drink, “Help yourself, and the extra large glasses are above the fridge!”)



belle said...

Excellent, now I can drink with a clear conscience :o)

Primal Sneeze said...

And never drink when you're full. Of drink, that is.


Belle - glad to be of help :o) Conscience can be such a bore.

Primal - totally agree - you might end up like the fish.

Ken Opalo said...

I have long since convinced my conscience that it is quite okay to drink ..... because I am Kenyan and because my drinking is good for EABL


You go Ken - supporting EABL is definitely essential.
Tusker Milele!