Monday, December 10, 2007

Latest News Update from the BBC ...

Man cuts off penis in restaurant
A man cut off his penis with a knife in a packed London restaurant.
Police were forced to use CS gas to restrain the man when they entered the Zizzi restaurant in The Strand on Sunday evening.
A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said the man was aged between 30 and 40 and that his injuries were self-inflicted.

.............. Goodness Gracious – Imagine just popping down The Strand for a spot of Italian when some lunatic comes charging into the restaurant, into the kitchen, grabs a kitchen knife and started slashing at himself.

The fact that he chopped off his own willy was kind of a dumb thing to do wouldn’t you say.

Sadly the London Hospital into which he is currently admitted say that although the main is in a stable condition ; ‘It is understood that surgeons were unable to reattach his penis.'

Now, do you think there was a waiter rushing after the ambulance shouting “Sorry Sir, I think you might have forgotten something!”, waving the fellow’s willy in the air? . . Perhaps that’s it, he should have given the waiter a bigger tip so he didn't jump up and down on it before giving it back!

Oh you could have so much fun with this story – it must be a woman thing – I’m absolutely sure all men reading this are wincing whilst all the girls are chuckling away

… He He He !


Primal Sneeze said...

I was wincing. Until I read perhaps that’s it, he should have given the waiter a bigger tip so didn't jump up and down on it before giving it back!


Sorry Primal, surprised you weren't wincing further due to my typo!

Stew said...

Hey! The BBC must be rehashing old stories.

It also appeared back in April when I blogged on it.

Your blog caught my eye because "mzungu" is close to "murungu" a Shona word for white people. Must have the same Bantu root.


Goodness Stew, i can't believe i'm so out of date with this story. Damn it - I could have had another 8 months chuckling out of it by now! Bet that fellow's still not chuckling himself though all these months on!

PS. We do Swahili in our parts and Yes, derived from Bantu

Anonymous said...

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