Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ricky Hatton’s new career?

Unless you’ve been living in a dark place without any media in the last week, it must be general knowledge that there was a boxing match that took place today between Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather.

Now I must say, that although boxing is not really my favourite sport, as I don’t quite understand why two grown men blatting each other should cause such a stir when surely all round the world outside some bar, somewhere, every weekend, you’ll be sure to get a couple of people smacking each other round the head, but I suppose not quite so many people will be betting their live savings on the event, as (according to Sky News – font of knowledge for all that’s English), that’s what half of Manchester did, and I must say how very sorry I feel for them all now.

Anyway, when I got up this morning I found that they were showing the fight live on one of our satellite channels, and I really felt compelled to watch the event as if I hadn’t done, something life changing may have happened and I would have missed it, so I turned it on.

Well, apart from watching two fellows chasing each other round a very small square and smacking each other in the chops, I really don’t think anything significant happened to change the world.

But then . . . they slotted in a little interview of Ricky Hatton’s father explaining that although a couple of weeks ago, Mr Hatton Junior was known as ‘Ricky Fatton’, it was not a problem for the young fellow as apparently losing 10 pounds in one single week is a simple thing for him.

WELL . . . . Women worldwide would pay millions for that kind of information, and seeing as the fellow lost the fight anyway, he should perhaps go for a bit of a career change and start up ‘Ricky Hatton’s Dream Diet Club’ – he’d never have to get smacked round the head ever again.

Go on Ricky – you know it makes sense – I’ll be your first member.

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