Monday, December 31, 2007


Well as anyone who has any access to any form of international news right now will know, we are having a spot of bother our end after the announcement of the Presidential results yesterday and the immediate refusal of the opposition to agree with the decision due to accusations of rigging. The police are shooting anyone on site who looks like they are causing trouble and latest figures quoted show at least 125 dead, (and I’m sure that’s a very low estimate and it’s probably a lot more by now).

This morning a few shops opened and a couple of petrol stations and everyone rushed in and was panic buying fuel, food and other necessities before they shot back to the safety of their homes. Basically it is like living in a ‘State of Emergency’ and we are all catching cabin fever after being holed up in our homes waiting to see what happens next really and it’s all getting a little tedious.

So I thought I’d cheer myself up in blogsville and completely change the subject, and the subject is …. much to most men’s approval I’m sure … Cleavage!

Now here’s the thing, I’m not generally one to wear girlie clothes and tight tops and suchlike and not usually my thing. However once a year at Christmas I generally don a bit of a skirt and top (not necessarily tight I might add!) for the one day of the year.

Well, I really wouldn’t have said that I had on anything half as revealing as most of my mates wear on an everyday basis, but it seemed it was such a shock to everyone who knows me (as usually I look like something out of convent school obviously), that I got some very strange reactions.

It was quite an interesting experience, all the men I met on Christmas day had a direct conversation with my boobs – totally forgetting that perhaps they won’t actually talk back and it is in fact my face that speaks, but funnily enough it didn’t seem to bother them at all – the men that is – not my boobs!

All the women I came across had a stranger reaction – again speaking generally to the boobs but meanwhile rearranging their own.

I couldn’t really work out if this was a jealously thing, that they were worried that their cleavage wasn’t looking as large and therefore needed to be constantly rearranged to see if they could perhaps get a little more lift out of it, or it was the fact mine was perhaps hanging out a little too far and they were just checking theirs wasn’t too!

It was really quite an unsettling day can I say and I’d just like to know from the couple of you who read this drivel what your opinions are ……

Now I found this picture on the web and it is not dissimilar to what I probably had on display for Christmas – if you had the right angle – although perhaps I don’t think mine were quite as squashed together or as large or as uncovered either – but this is the cleavage up for discussion here, (as I don’t dare show the real thing for fear of chasing away the few regular readers in horror!)

Now would you have a conversation with the boobs or would you think – ‘Wonder what the face looks like?’ or ‘Who cares about the face and what it has to say for itself I’ll just have a long conversation with these babies’ or perhaps you’re the really decent type and would of course immediately think, ‘Gosh, what a pretty necklace she’s wearing!’ ??

And, if you’re a girl, will you, on seeing this spot of cleavage staring at you, start rearranging your top or is that a strange phenomenon with women about these parts?

..... And while you ponder a while on this cleavage, can I just wish you all a very happy and peaceful 2008!


belle said...

hehehehee you're asking a veteran receiver of boob talking! Being six foot often means the men I'm talking to have my cleavage in their sight line. Being well endowed means they rarely look up. Being cruel I've taken to bobbing down and putting my face under their's saying 'hello?!' Can't say I've had the same reaction from women though ... is it related to cabin fever, d'you think? Been thinking about you lately and do hope things settle down there soon.

belle said...
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belle said...
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belle said...

Sorry about that - not sure what happened but it published me three times and once was probably enough :o)

Primal Sneeze said...

As my wise old granny used to say (though not about boobs, mind) anything more than a mouthful is waste.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Haha! Men can't ignore boobs. It's not humanly possible. The clever ones glance at them when they're not talking to you and make eye contact when they are. Happy New Year, Ms Chick. I hope things settle down soon in Kenya.


Thanks for your thoughts. You may post them as many times as you like hon I don't mind one bit. Sorry to hear you have to go thro the boob talking all the time. Mind you at least you don't need to do your hair in the morning or put on make up. As long as the cleavage is looking pert no-one will notice!:-)

Primal. My granny always said 'your eyes are bigger than your stomach' so extra helpings are always necessary even if you can't finish them!

Mr Bananas I do hope you apes don't have such cleavage issues amongst your troup!

Thank you all for the peaceful wishes. We're keeping everything crossed for a good outcome.

Happy 2008!

reluctantmemsahib said...

Thinking of you all in Kenya. Hope a peaceful resolution is found soon. All best for the New Year too!


Thanks Memsahib. Totally with you there.