Saturday, December 29, 2007

Think I perhaps spoke a little too soon ....

Trouble has broken out in the centre of Nairobi, amongst other places, and according to the army officers stopping all the cars going into town searching for weapons, they are warning people to stay away as cars are being burnt and stones thrown.

On one of the main roads leading into the city centre people are fighting on the street and shots have been fired although there is no news on any injuries at this time, just general tension and panic.

Driving in myself this morning there were small groups of people all the way along the roads and there is serious tension in the air.

The rumours are that people are upset that the results are taking too long, they want to know why the parliamentary and civic results are being released but the presidential ones are not and yet they were all counted at the same time.

Further rumours are suggesting that they will swear in the new president in secret by 1pm today and then release the result - but personally I think this really is just talk and just that - a rumour.
Latest results just issued (at 12pm) from 159 constituencies counted;
Raila 3,726,247
Kibaki 3,416,139
Kalonzo 346,214

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