Friday, December 21, 2007

Humour 'comes from testosterone' ......?

I'm on a bloggin roll here - sorry to bore you all with yet another post this morning but you know I just had to put my 5 cents worth in here when i spotted this headline on the Beeb site, (even though of course I am at work and should be .. er.. working perhaps - it is nearly Christmas, so what the hell hey!) ;

I mean I can’t believe that some Professor from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has even dared to state that “HUMOUR COMES FROM TESTOSTERONE”!

According to the knowledgeable Professor Shuster, he observed how different genders reacted to his unicycling hobby and concluded from his findings of the reaction of over 400 people in Newcastle upon Tyne that more men than women responded verbally with very few women making comic or snide remarks whereas over 75% of the men attempted wit – mostly shouting “Lost your wheel?” or other such abuse.

From these observations Professor Shuster concluded that the simplest explanation is the effect of male hormones such as testosterone.

….. Oh HO bloody HO fellows!

Can I just say – being a woman and therefore rather lacking in the testosterone department – I would like to clear this small matter up of the differences between men and women’s idea of humour – and it’s got F *** All to do with testosterone I can tell you!

Basically women, on seeing some idiot careering about the town on a unicycle, will immediately think; “Gosh Poor Bloke – he must have an extremely small willy that would make him want to make a complete pratt of himself by trying to ride a unicycle!”, and therefore would not be so cruel as to make rude jokes at the fellow trying to puff out his chest.

Meanwhile men will be thinking “Christ, what a brilliant idea for getting some attention when I have such an incredibly small willy and it’s so embarrassing – at least I could do something extremely funny like ride a one wheeled bike so that all the girls would look at me!”, and then they will insist on shouting those witty or aggressive comments such as: “Lost your wheel?” – which roughly translated means; “Listen mate, I’ve got a small willy too and I should be riding that bloody bike!”


Primal Sneeze said...

It is -5 here this morning. That makes for small willies and sacks like walnuts but there isn't a hope in hell of me getting up on a unicycle.


Goodness Primal sorry to hear about the small willy and walnuts that you're having to put up with this morning - never mind I understand that walnuts are a traditonal fare at this time of year so at least you're keeping with the Christmas Spirit!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Miss Chick. I had a suspicion that willies were involved. They seem to get everywhere.


You're welcome Mr Bananas, i do hope that you will not have to order yourself a unicycle in for Christmas seeing as you are currently so far away from your warm jungle :-)