Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chinese woman fired for answering back - do you think that tactic might work for children?

Just spotted an article on the Reuters site saying that a Chinese woman was fired for answering back to her superior.

Turns out that employees are fined twice for answering back to their superiors and on the third time are fired 'whether the superior is right or wrong'!
I was just thinking - we could try this out with our children! Mine spends his life answering back and thinking up great ways round why he should be watching tv when he's banned or why he shouldn't be doing his homework or why he's always right and i'm forever wrong!!

Wouldn't it be great if you could just say "Right, that's 3 times you've answered me back - you're out!" - and we hire ourselves a new child!

My son told me yesterday that i should have a look at a website he saw come up when he was looking at (- or some other mindless site he loves to play on) called He says it'll help me stop being so angry with him the whole time!

- Actually i did have a look at it but it seems its just full of Australian advertising, so not much help there! - If it was a web for depressed, fat, angry old people - i might of been in luck!

Must say though - I rather like my little blighter -

- scary huh! .. and as annoying as he can be - so probably won't be 'firing' him after all.

And I can't believe that in this day and age Chinese people are still treated so appalingly. Here in Deepest Darkest Africa I can tell you we're a hell of a lot more civilised than that!

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