Sunday, September 9, 2007

Zimbabwe drops even further into despair

It seems Zimbabwe is dropping further and further into despair with the latest devaluation on the currency as those on the ground say all that will do is spur the black market inflation further and send the currency into a further spiral with expected black market rates of 600,000 Zim dollars to the US$ being the next port of call, as soon as the beginning of next week.

Even those farmers and other businesses struggling to hang in there - how on earth are they or their workers expected to now survive?

I read an article published just a few days ago where the Zim government says that encouraging tourists back into the country will help them solve their problems ... and what exactly will encourage these tourists to flood in? Perhaps they could do some marketing to the dieting community to go and visit a starving country and meanwhile starve themselves - as there certainly won't be any possible way of feeding those tourists surely. It's an absolutely ridiculus situation and one of which the world despairs of the beautiful once economically spectacular African country.

If Mugabe feels this is the way forward to a socialist society surely he is very much mistaken, and I understand that currently the only reason the country is surviving at all is because of the millions of Zimbabweans who no longer live in Zimbabwe but work outside of the country and send their money back.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculus - What on earth possesses the guy to destroy his own country? And such a beautiful one at that.

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