Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sanity at last!

Yippee school's are back in session today!
It's great - sanity is restored. Kids are back in school and are no longer running riot around the house and cooking their brains with nonsense television which we (or most definitely I) as the 'bad parent brigade' allow our kids to watch as it's so much easier than spending 'quality' time with them entertaining the little blighters!
Back to the school tarmac for home time and at last some decent conversation that doesn't include work. I'm in heaven! Tea with mates on the way home with talk of what (or what not in my case) everyone got up to in the long long holiday!
it's been a great day. I finally feel human again. I don't think i've talked to so many different people in weeks - apart from work colleagues - and all in one day. It's been marvellous and makes me realise i am not helping myself in the slightest in my reclusive life - only breaking out of the house to go to work or indulge in a spot of polo at the weekends.
Actually i think my polo is really the only thing that has kept me sane over the whole holidays. It's a fantastic sport - 7 solid minutes per chukka of thinking of nothing else but where the ball is and how to stay on top of your pony! All aches, pains and troubles disappear - if only for those 7 minutes of play in each chukka - but what a blissful 7 minutes that is and you get 4 goes in a row of it every weekend - I highly recommended it to everyone!
My son,it seems hasn't had quite such a marvellous day as me. He's already been in sick bay with the sister having to apply freeze spray onto his 'lower back' where he fell off the climbing frame. - I think acutually she meant his bum rather than lower back but was too polite to say that in the note he had to bring home to say he had to see the sister! Probably why I also got a letter from the school saying please sign here and absolve us of all responsibility when we have to take your little darling to the nearest hospital in case of emergency! Anyway not to worry - he tends to fall over and off things a lot - Hey he is a BOY after all!
i suppose i should be more of the fretting parent but i'm not and do believe that he is a bit of a drama queen at the best of times - especially in this case as it meant he got out of swimming underwater which i know he hates with a vegence but doesn't want to admit it!
All in all though a great day and I feel my sanity restoring by the minute.

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