Friday, September 7, 2007

"Flip Flops Can Damage Your Health!"

Now what do you think of that?
The heading's from an article i saw in the Daily Mail's health section - along with "Getting back to work can ease your backache" and "Keeping your teeth clean could help prevent a heart attack" !
Onto the flip flop lead - well i'm really quite concerned.
Here in Kenya I would say that the majority of my female friends wear flip flops on a daily basis and in fact would rarely be seen out in any other shoes during the day! - By "flip flops" - i do of course mean highly fashionable little numbers made out of leather and striking beaded arrangements like so ......

So you can imagine my concern on reading the headline!!
Turns out that basically if you are a complete pratt and cannot walk properly - chances are you'll end up flat on your face and it'll be blamed on your shoes. Of course twisted ankles are also a danger it has been noted and joint pain and shin splints are on the increase!! In fact ...

"Mike O'Neill, a Windsor-based foot surgeon who regularly treats patients with flip flop injuries, described them as 'dangerous'. "

.. and the best comment of all - "They are also extremely unstable so you are more likely to trip over and hurt yourself."

Now please explain to me - the backward idiot from the Africa region who (along with a few million others in the vicinity) wear flip flops every day - how on earth a perfectly flat shoe can be extremely unstable?!?!?!
Anyway at least i can carry on with my day knowing that with my clean teeth from this morning, chances are I can get away without suffering a heart attack today and I'll be at work ALL day so my backache should be kept at bay too!

Goodness that is a relief!

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