Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Hate "Yummy Mummys" TOO!

You've got to have a look at this article i found on the 'Alpha Mummy' blog -

It has caused such an uproar in the 'Yummy Mummy' brigade its hilarious. It seems that the non-working mothers of the Western world - the 'housewives' who look after their own children and cook and clean - and all the rest of the boring mundane crap you would so rather someone else did given half a chance - are outraged by being labelled as it seems they are superior beings apparently for the fact that they enjoy doing the cooking, cleaning and mundane crap - and hey - if that rocks your boat - who am i to knock you down!

But please, accept one thing - it does not make you superior - only slightly more boring than the rest of us women out there who also do the cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids and other mundane crap - but we also work, have some help in the mundane chores, and realise that joining the PTA is kind of death sentence in the bitchy 'ladies who lunch' world.

These superior beings also have the cheek to post comments telling the writer, Eleanor Mills, that she should not be writing at all and that surely the article was a wind up!

PLEASE, Please tell me it wasn't a wind-up because i sooooooooo agree with her!! - Also small note to ponder on is the little label on the side of her posting;-

Alpha Mummy is the new blog for mums who work, used to work, or want to go back to work one day (as if looking after children isn't work enough). - Ladies, do take note of the word 'WORK' !

Quite a lot of my best friends are 'Yummy Mummy's' but i can tell you they definitely would agree with Eleanor Mills themselves as it seems they do have minds of their own and luckily, have kept their sense of humour and haven't 'become vicious, bitchy judgemental old nags' (see comment by 'onetruelove' *) like most of the commenting public on this blog!!
(* - thought 'onetruelove's' comment was the only one with some truth - thank god there is a sane woman out there amongst all these stuck up cows who have nothing better to do than complain about being knackered all the time !)

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