Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here we go

Best unpack your best frocks and put on your dancing shoes - we have a cabinet!

I'm sure they'll find something else to argue about on Tuesday when they finally get Parliament underway but for now, it's a huge step forward and let's just be thankful for that.

Sadly, as expected, it is a well inflated cabinet of 40 members which is completely unnecessary but if that is the only way we can have peace right now, then I'm afraid it is a price we must pay.

The Vice President did not change, and the two deputy PM's are Uhuru Kenyatta who also got the Trade docket and Musalia Mudavadi got the other deputy PM slot along with Uhuru Kenyatta's much disputed Ministry for Local Government.

A few selected other posts we're security that stayed with Saitoti, finance stayed with Kimunya, foreign affairs is Wetangula.

Then lands went to Orengo, tourism is with Balala, Ruto got agriculture and environment and mineral resources went to Michuki, so let's hope he doesn't do a Goldenburg TOO on us!

There is of course the other 30 odd that I haven't got into but basically the main bones of contention are all listed here, and all I have to say now is . . .

Thanks, I'll have a cold one!


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Dad Mzungu said...

So, will Musalia Mudavadi undo the Nairobi transport mess he's inherited? Or does he have a stake in City Hoppa or Double-M?
Maybe he could explain the principles of a timetable to these companies?
Nariobi public transport is about the only thing I don't miss about Kenya. Waiting for 90 minutes for a bus because the matatus are no longer allowed to go where I need to be taken is bad, even by UK standards!
Here's hoping that Kenya has a long and politically peaceful future - hang on, where's my gun? That bloody pig has just flown past my window again!

Dad Mzungu said...

... and I am not putting on my best frock and dancing shoes for you, Kibaki, Raila or anyone else!!!!!

Ty^ said...

Enjoy the ride till 2012 and have a cold one on me.

zed said...

lol ty^. it sure won't get to 2012, i betcha.

thanx mc. heard it here first. i agree with you it doesn't really matter how many of them are there at the mo, if it's the expedient thing to do. of course we shouldn't compare ourselves to the u.k. for obvious reasons, but there are some 'stupid' portofolios for ministers serving under the secretaries of state and they never seem to do much either. so what the heck.

i was thinking (tho' there isn't a chance in hell of it happening anyway) that it really wouldn't matter what title those bozos go by. just don't pay them a penny more on top of their MP salary.

btw have you noticed that the IMF/WB are not running around threatening to bludgeon african countries that don't cut spending/restructure anymore? ha ha ha. 'peace' not responsibility is the new buzz word. the more things change the more they stay the same. so until we get to the next cycle of lunancy-sooner than 2012 i am sure it will be, i'll have that cold one too.

seinlife said...

'Eating' can now officially commence, followed shortly thereafter by long bouts of 'puking' all over IDP's feet...

Anonymous said...

Zed, I think they'll last till 2012 cos when they start grabbing and eating as Seinlife has put it, they won't want to let go.

nuttycow said...

And now it all starts over with the Mungiki :)

I'm not surprised that so many of the old cabinet have got in again - got to keep those jobs for the boys. I hear that they each have 3 cars and 10 minders. The traffic when they actually go to parliament's going to be horrendous!