Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Chick's Sunday Political Commentary....

Politics in Kenya is increasingly depressing, but looking at the international news, I'm not entirely convinced that half the world is any better.

All that aside, here's a brief run down of where I see we're at right now.

You will be pleased to know that we are not currently under ‘Mungiki’ law in Nairobi at the moment and things have returned to the normal. I say we are not under Mungiki rule, but I’m sure the matatus are paying their ‘daily protection fees’ for operating and in those areas where Mungiki are the majority I’m sure that everyone is back to paying to walk to their house in safety, etc. as before but overall they have stopped holding the country hostage to their demands at this stage as Raila said last Thursday that he was prepared to talk to them and they have said that for now they will back off.

The saddest thing is in our country today is that we just brush it under the carpet, pay them off for now and hope they keep quiet for a while so that the government can get on with its inherent task of raping the country.

Kofi Annan is about at the moment and even he knows the score.

He has suggested that the ‘negotiation team’ has far from completed their task. Although they have finally named a cabinet, there are still the major issues of why this country blew up in the first place and how are they going to sort out those land issues and poverty issues, now all conveniently put on the back burner whilst everyone rushes round insisting on being addressed as “Mweshimiwa”!

Talk is that Raila wants everything out in the open for all to see what’s happening and how decisions for the country will be made, but then why is it that;

a) Raila has never explained what actually went on with his secret cabinet negotiations rendezvous, and how did he give in to the highly inflated numbers in the cabinet?

b) Thursday he said he would talk to the Mungiki so that they called off Friday’s ‘general strike’ that they were trying to hold, and yet since Thursday not a peep about it as if the trouble last week never existed.

I’m sorry but I know the favourite saying at the moment is “It’s not business as usual”, but seriously chaps, tell me what isn’t business as usual with the same old hidden scams going on left, right and centre and the press quiet about it all.

I’m not sure that anyone is willing to listen to Kofi Annan anymore as it seems that as far as those big boys are concerned, yes, they’re very grateful thank you for bringing us away from the brink of all out civil war, but as for all our inherent problems that got us there in the first place, well let them simmer for a few years and when we have another general election in 2012 the country can go through this whole nightmare once again because all those current “Mweshimiwa’s” will have voted themselves for a stonking retirement package, raped the country for as much as they can possibly get away with, achieved nothing with regards to the great poverty divide and any serious land issues, and then they’ll all leg it and leave it to a new bunch of ‘wanna be’s’ to fight it out.

Meanwhile food prices soar and shortages loom worldwide, and with our recent violence and displacement of farmers, these are more threatening to Kenya and the great rich/poor divide than ever before. Yet personally, I haven’t yet heard any talk of what the government may intend on doing about it anytime soon.


Dad Mzungu said...


Give the poor lads a chance! THey have only just stopped squabbling over who is going to do what. Now they have to sort out who gets what, then who gets which offices, which cars, how many security staff, etc.
Then they can get down to the serious business of ... er, well ... living quarters?
Only when all this and many other important issues can they get down to robbing, sorry, I mean ruling the country in a way to which the general population has become used - bac-stabbing and robbery.
IDPs? Let the NGOs sort it out.
Ecomony? Let the tourists sort that one.
Internal Security. Why? What's wrong with internal security?
Sorry, MC. If anything has changed, it is for the worse.
It is up to Kenyans and NGOs that are willing to work rather than just collect money for sitting behind a desk (and I could name many, being in the "business" myself) to do the business of the Government.
Unfortunately, it is not just the legislators who think of nothing but lining their coffers.

Kenya1 said...

I was reading on how MP's in both camps were protesting missing cabinet slot... wtf? like seriously how many more BS posts could they have possibly created? Yani this stuff would be so funny if it wasn't so sad!

Baba W&M said...

MC you are so right, the spoils of war have been shared and now its time for the Roman orgy.
There may be a flicker of hope. The pressy and some MPs from the Rift Valley region will be meeting this week to find a lasting solution to the proiblems in this area and on top of their agenda is the IDPs. Unfortunately this is being driven by Mr. Ruto. Very much like the devil himself conducting a choir.

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seinlife said...

Part of me seriously wants to believe that all this stuff kenya is going through is part of our natural growth procession as a country. That it some sort of 'rite of passage' that we need to go through to move forward, grow and attain maturity. But another part of me wants to pull out an eraser and rub this sh&^ off ....and start fresh!

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