Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing to say . .

I really haven't forgotten you people out there in the big wide world looking for updates on the situation here in Kenya, but really there is nothing to say.

Yesterday there was no real trouble or rioting and all tear gas cannisters seemed to have stayed in their boxes which was rather good but as for our politicians they have achieved . . Mmmm . . Actually f*** all!

It seems this coalition business is never going to really work out and general consensus is heading towards the way of sorting out the electoral commission and have a rerun for the presidential seat, but who really knows.

Kenyans are not amused, but we look across at our cousins in Zimbabwe and thank god that at least we are not in their shoes. For it looks like their elections have turned out to be even more of a farce than ours and by the looks of things Uncle Bob shall just continue with business as usual and really couldn't give a damn what anyone thinks - especially his fellow Zimbabweans.

So here in Kenya we live in exhausted limbo waiting to see what move our 'great leaders' have to make next, but meanwhile just getting on with our lives, dealing with rising inflation and hoping that one day we may have our beautiful country back together in one piece of normality.

So far though, it is a remote hope, although I have to say that I personally do believe that eventually all will be well.

I have faith, (and all body parts crossed of course!)

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Girl In the Meadow said...

I love your optimism.

Love your blog btw and the cartoons

Emil said...

Damn sad, if you ask me. With a few exceptions, Africa's postindependance leaders wrestled their continent back from colonial rule only to plunder it afresh. Contemptuous of his own people and probably destined for blood, Mugabe contrived to make his nation poorer than they were in colonial times. While autocrats still control Sudan and Equatorial Guinea, Mugabe is the last of that old guard of former freedom fighters. His passing would befit an Africa that is entering a new era characterized by democracy, peace, robust economic growth and a fresh generation of capable leaders like Liberia's Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Zim (and Kenia) deserves the type of leadership that is transforming the continent for the better.

aims said...

Hopefully this is NOT the calm before the storm..


Girl in the Meadow - thanks :-), think optimism is all we have left just now.

Emil - we shall continue to push for that decent leadership for sure.

Aims - I hope so too.