Sunday, April 6, 2008

Uncle Bob

According to a Zimbabwe newspaper this morning, President Robert Mugabe has demanded a recount of the votes due to 'miscalculations' and 'discrepancies' . . . .

Er . . . Sorry, but did I miss something?

First of all they haven't even released the official results, and also Mugabe is the same fellow who appointed the electoral commission in the first place and they are all supposed to be his henchmen, so surely if his own commission can't fiddle the results enough to have him win, isn't it about time he put his hands up and got the hell out of there???

You've got to admit that it is totally outrageous that the international community can just stand by and watch without rushing in with a straight jacket for the guy !

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Anonymous said...

what has the international community done to sort out problems in Tibet, Iraq, Afhganistan, sudan, Somali, Pakistan, comoros, chad, palestine and Israel...the list is a very long one and these places have had unsolved problems which have been running for years.
The people of Zimbabwe had better raise up and "fight" for their rights cos no one will do this for them - many will not agree with me on this one but desperate times calls for desperate measures - do they expect justice to he handed to them without a fight?
Dream on the people of Zimbabwe if you think Hitler uncle Bob will give up power easily. How do you vote and a week after the votes you still don't know who your president is?


Anonymous - I tend to agree sadly. It's all pretty ridiculous the world over.

Anonymous said...

Robert Mugabe was asked when he's going to bid the Zimbabwean people farewell.
Looking puzzled, he answered, "Where are they going?"