Thursday, April 24, 2008

How unfair is that ... ?

Simply couldn't resist sharing this -

Just saw this article on Reuters ;

"Police officer sacked for sex on the job"

A police officer was forced to resign on Wednesday for having sex with a prostitute at a building he had been sent to investigate to see if it was a brothel.

It made me laugh as it highlights so well the differences between us all.

Here in Kenya this policeman would have been applauded for such behaviour and probably ended up with a jolly big bonus (apart from whatever he got from the lady in question of course).

I mean how can you fire a guy for such meticulous investigation techniques?


Gorilla Bananas said...

I felt a little sorry for that man. So you don't lose face by paying for sex in Kenya then?


It is of course totally illegal to pay for sex in Kenya but 'in the line of duty' - well, one should expect 'thorough' investigation, and the other policemen may laugh in their face if this duty wasn't properly fulfilled!

seinlife said...

LOL - this is totally a clip from the hbo series 'the wire'
com'on MC - kenyan cops don't get bonus' - how could they when Raila can't get his benz?

Mr Farty said...

Can't blame a guy for being thorough. Oh. Apparantly you can.

Baba W&M said...

Woi... poor undercover cop was just getting into the meat of the matter.


Seinlife - you're right. Difference is cops deserve the bonus though!

Mr Farty - Apparantly thorough detective work is not all it's cracked up to be!

Baba W&M - imagine, he was just concerning himself with the nitty grittys!