Sunday, July 29, 2007

Con Artists!

Over the last 3 weeks or so i have been receiving emails about winning a fortune - Yea really!
The first email came in saying I'd won 900,000 Euros and all i needed to do is reply to the email to claim my money. Well i know these things are always fake but i was intrigued to see what happens next.
Anyway the usual - please give us your bank details and we'll transfer the money - well yes - i certainly have "Gullible" printed on my forehead - - -NOT! - so funnily enough i never replied to that one.
Well they obviously thought that i was still worth a shot so then they sent through another email saying if i didn't want to send my bank details that was no problem but i would need to send through 800 Euros or something so that they could do me a bankers cheque and post it to me! So again i never replied.
Well i tell you - there's no stopping them - someone then called me from Spain can you believe - so much for auto signatures on your email that give out your office numbers and all! (I really must switch that thing off!) - anyway some fellow called and said he needed the money transferred to him so that he could give me a bankers cheque. i told him i was not sending him anything and if he needed the money he could take it from my 'winnings' and send me the balance!! So then he got annoyed and told me that if i didn't wish to send the money through transfer then I'd better get on a plane to Spain within 24 hours and pick the cheque up in person because then it would cost me nothing and he put the phone down.
Anyhow i thought that was the end of it but oh no, the saga continues - 24 hours later i got an email to say that if i wasn't coming in person i should nominate a charity and they would contact them to give them the money for the transfer and give the charity the 900,000! Once again i ignored the messages. Yesterday i got a badly scanned copy of a Lloyd TSB credit card with my name on it which i was told was loaded with my money and today i got a further email to tell me to transfer 2000 Euros to some fellow in Spain in order to activate the card and another 400 or so so that they can post it to me!
Now come on - what planet do these people live on that they think I'll give them 2 bob?
Mind you - i suppose somebody must otherwise they wouldn't be so enthusiastic! I find it really sad that people like that exist in this world but it reminded me of one of the points on my 'As i mature' blog i posted a while back:
"As i mature i realise that no matter how nice you are some people will always be a...holes!"
My faith in humanity would be entirely lost i think if it wasn't for my son - he's always so jolly no matter what happens in his world.
he fell off his bike the other day and took all the skin off his elbow - but we were watching the 'Tour de France' and some poor fellow hit a dog and came off his bike and took all the skin off his elbow too - but that fellow got back on his bike - had a bit of a patch up at 45kph riding alongside the doctors car and went on to win the stage - so that cheered my son up no end realising that it happens to real professionals too!
- My faith is restored once more! How i love kids and the way they see life - we should all stay as kids and the world would be such a better place!!
Mind you - i read a brilliant little piece in the newspaper the other day telling of how an NGO has been set up that is giving away the new $100 laptops to disadvantaged school children in West Africa so they can get connected to the Internet and learn more about the world, and they got a bit of a fright when they found porn downloaded in more than one of the computers! So much for the digital age and the corruption of the innocent!

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