Monday, July 30, 2007

The nightmare of living in Africa!

I don't know what it is about Africa and technology but they just don't gel!!
It may sound terribly colonial, pompous or whatever you like to call it, but you put technology in Africa and all you get is a complete nightmare of disasters.
In my company it seems no matter how many 'technicians' we employ to keep our machinery running no matter what we do the staff just break it anyway! Solid metal parts - guaranteed for a lifetime in any other part of the world - are snapped in 2 here. The totally 'unbreakable' just becomes the 'lasts a little longer than the usual'!!
It seems there is absolutely nothing that these people cannot destroy, it is unbelievable and makes me just want to scream!
Right now i would like to just hurl myself off the fridge freezer - but of course not even that's an option - as it's in for repair!!!!!!!

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