Thursday, July 5, 2007

Now here's the thing.
I'm a single mother of a small boy, Kenyan but of British descent, working full time, enclosed in a world of married couples with men who work and ladies who lunch - 99% expats! - i find it a little tricky to fit in!
Living this lifestyle for any of us here in the tropics is incredibly privileged for us as we have staff to take care of us and our children and our dogs and horses and we do not live in mud huts and swing from trees (which is what i was asked when i went to England to do my A Levels in a good old backward comprehensive school full of squaddie kids!)
I have grown up in Kenya and although have also travelled the globe a little i am back here now with my son in a very privileged private school (- that costs his father a small fortune every term that luckily is paid for as if not i think my son may join the ranks of the squaddie comprehensive kids - his father being Scottish and all!)
We live very comfortably in a small 3 bedroom house along with 7 other houses in a 10 acre compound surrounded by a huge electric fence! I have a couple of horses stabled there - one which i own and a second one that i lease from the local vet up the road - as i have ambitions of being a show jumper - and my horse is totally crazy and keeps dumping me on the floor- so i leased the second one as it seems to have a brain and has no problem jumping! I have also started playing some polo at the weekends - superb sport and absolutely love it. Have borrowed a few horses off a friend of mine - a couple of them are too young for anything but my level (the minus 2 brigade) and one is not quite right in the head and tends to boil over if ridden too fast for too long - so again perfect for the minus 2 brigade. Although i have only been playing since January i have had my jaw cracked by a horse standing on it and my eye split open by a speeding ball - i'm not sure if i'll ever upgrade past the minus 2's!
- So you see - live is not too bad really - in fact i am very lucky and should not be complaining here at all.
My only point is that living in a world of expats is hard at this time of year especially as they all go 'home' for the summer holidays and leave me here working my buns off and my son watching the Disney Channel and wishing for greener pastures!!
Anyway i really think that's enough complaining for my first posting - i do hope my thoughts are less depressing tomorrow!
There's an international polo coach in town so i'll be going for a quick lesson to see how its supposed to be done in the morning!
Catch you then!

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