Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Self Contained"!

Driving into work this morning i came across a hand painted sign board that read :

"3 BR for rent.

I chuckled! It reminded me of when i was house hunting myself a few years back and where i learnt a few things about 's/contained'!
On translation the 's/contained' means 'self contained' and on reading back the ad on the sign board it seems quite sensible - a 3 bedroomed - house probably seeing as its self contained - and that's how i understood it!
Now little did i know as i searched through newspapers looking at houses which were NOT self contained - that i would be wondering outside into the garden in order to use the bathroom as it turns out if you're not self-contained - chances are there's a loo somewhere round the back (more than likely shared with many other houses on the compound - or perhaps in the immediate vicinity) and that the chance of their actually being a bathroom at all are minimal as a non-self contained bathroom is more than likely - get your water in a bucket and stand in a concrete room with a drain hole in one corner - and WASH!

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