Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The mundane

I haven't written for a few days now as my life seems so mundane and yet I'm so busy - one of my colleagues in the office said to me today that he can't wait to finish the project I'm working on so that I'll 'be normal' again!! I asked him what that meant and he told me i have a faraway look and don't concentrate on anything anyone says to me it seems!! - i always thought that was normal for me!

I've been reading some other blogs of women living in similar situations in similar places around East Africa - the only difference being they are all married with children and spend most of their lives as housewives with little housework! It seems it is a lonely life being a single mother in this part of the world. I always watch the British TV programmes on the satellite and it seems that if i lived in the UK i would be one of the norm - but here - I'm a little abnormal it seems!! Anyway we get by and not with a shabby life either - we really do have a good life in so many ways but i always worry that my son will suffer for having a father that only seems to pop up every couple of months or so for a few hours and then promptly disappears under the guise that he's 'travelling'! Funnily enough i once ran into him having a few drinks with his friends at 4pm on a Friday afternoon at a local mall - but hey i suppose it's some distance from his home - so perhaps 'travelling' he was!

I read a great article in the International Express at the weekend. It was all about the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (appropriately its acronym being BAAPS!) supporting a debate by the British Medical Council about the possibility of offering bra fitting on the NHS on the hope of cutting back on breast reduction operations as a study showed that all women with large breasts were wearing the wrong bra size! I was wondering if i could put forward a new study that should have trouser fitting put onto the NHS too as surely wearing trousers too tight and making your bum look too big is incredibly depressing as we all know and this could lead to lots of anti-depressants being given out and would also cost the NHS unnecessary money surely!! - it all seems very silly! I just wonder if it'll be included in my BUPA policy too! In this part of the world medical insurance costs us all a small fortune - but the alternative of being stuck without is unthinkable. Private hospitals in this part of the world are incredibly costly and the public ones would not even give a white person the time of day as all in Africa surmise that if you have a white skin you must also have money too!

Anyway enough nonsense. My son is on holiday and has been entertaining himself by wrapping up his toys and presenting them to me when i come home from work each day. The best note i received today read "Dear Mum I would like it if you don't shout all the time but i'm giving you this present because you're nice - well only a little bit! ps. i love you" - made me think anyway!!

Think i better go now before i start SHOUTING some more!!

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