Friday, July 27, 2007

What's going on?

Just browsing the news stories for the region and came across this superb bit of info:

East African Standard (Nairobi)21 July 2007
Oldonyo Lengai mountain in Tanzania has finally erupted. This brings to an end the numerous earth tremors that have hit East Africa for the past week. The seismic waves responsible for the movements emanated from this point.
The powerful eruptions that occurred on Thursday from 10pm will, according to experts, reduce the underground activity that was responsible for the tremors. It will also restore calm in the region that had for the last one week been engulfed in fear and anxiety.

- Now please will someone fill me in with who the 'experts' are that say 'it brings to an end the numerous earth tremors ..'
- So what, pray tell me, do the 'experts' call the tremor we experienced last night - the biggest I've felt so far can i say.
AAAAAAARRGH! - Looks like no-one really has any idea what might happen next! Best i start getting more pro-active than holding my breath!

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