Friday, July 6, 2007

Therapy for single mothers!

I entitled my mutterings today "Therapy for single mothers!" as i realise that this writing of thoughts is amazingly therapeutic. Although i hardly get time in life for a good old gossip with friends - putting all this down in writing - is almost as good as a great gossip i think!

Had my polo lesson with the South African master that i had mentioned. It was all going so well until he changed my stick for one with a smaller grip, shorter and less weight - and it all went to pot. I couldn't hit a thing and came away kind of disappointed. I'm sure he meant well but - funnily enough - the stick he gave me - light, short and small - he had made himself and was selling on, so i couldn't decide whether this was really the stick i should be using or he was just doing a sales pitch on me!! I suppose i shouldn't say things like that but i always seem to trust people implicitly and then get walked straight across, so its about time really i started to think a little more into things before i trust so implicitly!!

Apart from that we've had to deal with the dreaded speech day! Actually it wasn't too bad - we always get a great tea afterwards so its worth staying awake for that, and we had some celebs in the house! Well i say 'celebs' but actually they were all politicians - but that gives you definite celebrity status in our part of the world. I mean if you've ever read the Kenyan newspapers they might as well be called "OK" and "Hello" rather than "The Standard" and "The Nation" as every day's news is what each politician got up to yesterday and with who!! Actually the best bit about having celebs on board at a school function is all the flash government cars that we get to see with policeman and military men attached - all fully armed of course - which causes great excitement in the school hall! Actually we have so many kids from influential families - a few armed men watching their every move is probably just run of the mill for them and it's probably only people like me that love the drama of it all!

Anyway here we are again - the long 'summer' holidays!! As I'd mentioned another time, most of my friends are jetting off to their respective homelands in the next couple of days and won't be back for a month or two. The weather's freezing as always for this time of year, and meanwhile I'll be working all day everyday as usual, and trying my best to think of ingenious ways to stop my son watching the Disney Channel 12 hours a day! I definitely need to get my act together and take some time off work and go and do something for a couple of weeks with my son to make it a proper holiday, but as yet, nothing planned, so there's some food for thought for me!

My son's keen to go to Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower but perhaps a bit of a safari up-country is more likely to be on the cards as flights and visas are all going to be too much like hard work this late in my disorganised life! Mind you - there will be kids out there going up the Eiffel Tower who probably think a bit of a safari would be much more exciting anyway!! - I'll be sure to let my son know that!

OK now, more than enough rambling for one posting i think. Must go and do something useful - like put my son to bed! Till next time ...............

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