Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I think GADO read my mind !

This is the cartoon by 'Gado' in The Daily Nation this morning.
It sums up what worries me rather a lot.
Is this really the 'change' we were expecting?,
and is it the change that we really wanted?
- Shared parliaments, no opposition, and more ministries created to satisfy the power hungry and share the wealth amongst the elected big wigs?
What happened to the average Kenyan who was promised a new life if he cast his vote appropriately?

I do hope to god that it all works out.

I do suppose we have no choice but to stick with George Michael;

"'Cause I gotta have faith ........... !"

- I would have like to have given you a bit of hip swinging as well to go with the song, but you'll have to forgive me as I'm afraid I'm a little creaky this morning after overdoing it at last weeks celebratory dancing session !


Peter Ndegwa said...

Uh Huh, all the clamoring about "Justice" and the "Country is bigger than every one of us" has gone !! I can assure you the IDPs will soon be forgotten and all the promises of resettling will fade to oblivion. The big stomachs have shared the cake and thats it. Was there anything else ???


Peter - You're probably right. I just hope someone somewhere finally would think of the common wanainchi rather than spending their times filling their own stomachs.

nuttycow said...

I love GADO - he always seems to get it spot on. Let's hope Peter's prediction is not right...

Sukuma Kenya said...

Well, they already got a bonus 330 million for all the hard work they put in to ripping our country apart. As and Raila said, he is quite happy with half a loaf of bread than none at all. U reckon anyone in Kibera might get some of the crumbs?

Lone Ranger said...

Mzungu Chick,

did you really believe that there'd be 'change" as promised by ODM and Raila ?

I mean, I'ma practical man and I believe you have to look at people's past to determine the future.

Raila has been the Langata MP for close to 2 decades, and what "change" has he effected for those poor people ? I'd think kibera would be the easiest place for a leader to bring change-positive chnage not the retrogressive change we saw when those residents's burnt their neighbors shops, and houses down?

But yet again, it's kenya, where people like Rafael Tuju, the MP To bring the most development in his constituency gets voted out simply coz he's a Luo in the Government side, and people like Raila, no development recored in kibera are voted back in.

Honestly, I don't mean to sound insensitive but Poor people share some blame in their miserable plight. If u Live in Kibera and you've lived in numbing poverty for so long, don't you think it's time for a new leader ?

But I guess they don't see that, do they ?

seinlife said...

@lone ranger - u r spot on! Sometiems I think people don't understand the role of their MP's. Anyone know if there is some sort of grassroot education on what to expect of your MP? If not, I would be happy to pair up with anyone interested to look into this.

Expatmum said...

Gosh - I thought I was going through a bit of political anguish over here, waiting to see whether Hillary or Barak win Texas and Ohio!


Nuttycow - Love Gado too, and sadly I think Peter may be right.

DP - No crumbs left for Kibera I'd say. It's back to rape and pillage of the coffers as usual.

Lone Ranger - Yup, you're right, but you know they can't see past the promises for today.

Seinlife - Interesting concept of what to expect from your MP - also need to be explained major differences between WORDS and ACTIONS.

Expatmum - It's all go here I tell you! But we're on your side too as it seems most of Kenya is supporting our man Obama!