Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kofi Annan finally gets to go home

Well Mr Annan finally left us this morning. I bet Mr Kibaki is mightily relieved to see the back of him as he’ll probably feel that he won’t get harassed into anymore giving way now.

Kofi got waved off by a pile of dignitaries, a lot of farewell singing and a Civil servant who gave him a white cockerel, “a gift he said represented ordinary poor Kenyans who suffered most during the nearly two months of violence sparked by last year's disputed presidential elections results.”

Well, I wonder what Kenya Airways will say about that little number packed in his luggage! Lets hope it wasn’t an overnight flight or the pilot’s going to get an awful shock when he’s about to land at his next destination and the cockerel starts crowing. He’ll probably think it’s a warning signal that one of the engines is shutting down! Anyway, I suppose if it doesn’t survive the plane journey they’ll always be a chance of fresh chicken and chips at the other end, so there’s a bonus for the man!

I bet he was really glad he came now and spent over one month of his life listening to grown men and women bickering whilst people were slaughtered around their feet, because at least, after the one and a half months away from home, he’s got something to show for all his hard work.

Personally I feel a little bit frightened, a bit like a small child who’s been left alone for the first time without their parents and isn’t quite sure what might happen next, but has no choice but to keep faith with their surroundings and hope that everything will turn out just fine, exactly like their parents assured them it would.

The talks will continue under the leadership of a Nigerian former minister Oluyemi Adeniji who is to take over from Mr Annan as chairman of negotiations between PNU and ODM, but in theory this is to now handle the small print, but you know what they say; “Always be careful of the small print and make sure you read it VERY carefully”.

Anyway let’s hope that they don’t argue too much over it and it all stays friendly.

I’m sorry I don’t have a prize winning cockerel to give to Mr Annan to show my appreciation for what he has done for us but I do hope he can accept my thanks anyway. Ta Ta ...

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zed said...'re still around then lol. i just left a comment on your last post accusing you of (not in so many words) failing to ask us on 29th so you could elope with kofi. how dare he leave you alone btw after all that swooning

anyways, i'm apprehensive too. you can never be sure with those idiots left alone un chaparoned. lets wait see how the parliament session goes.

is it true that karua was kanyagiwad swiss visa ( and her 2 kids denied re-entry to australia and deported from the u.s). poor martha getting messed around by 'junior officers' that are diplmatic staff. that alone, if it were, true would have made my week. what a week it was to be kenyan!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I can't believe that's any kind of chicken. Maybe Kofi should have left it behind to mediate future disputes. Chickens are above tribal politics, right?


Zed - Yup, still here! The Karua story I understand is true but she just said she was far too busy to attend the meeting in Switzerland herself and therefore sent junior officers, and that it was absolute rubbish that she couldn't get a visa!

Mr Bananas - Honey that is so a prize winning cockerel - check this out. Not sure if chickens above tribal politics though as here certain communities are partial to chicken and others fish!

nuttycow said...

What a scrawny looking kuku!


Nuttycow - I think the actual kuku given to Kofi was a little plumper than my picture so that's ok!

Expatmum said...

It was probably destined to be the in-flight meal!


Expatmum - so true. I realise business has been done so perhaps that's the new trend - bring your own catering if you wish to be fed on board!