Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Burning the midnight oil.

After the latest Kibaki vs Raila stand off with Raila saying "if you don't sort it within one week we will hold protests" and Kibaki saying "that is blackmail and we will do nothing outside the current legal constitution, and we will only agree to change the constitution within the year and not immediately", Kofi has slapped some wrists and has got both mediation teams back into a meeting this evening that they say will continue until midnight tonight.

Kofi had a meeting with former President Moi this evening before getting back into the mediation talks and on leaving Moi's house told the press that Kenyans should not lose hope and that he was definitely making some progress.

Er, OK Kofi, if you insist, but it is becoming very difficult to keep faith in these talks when all we hear is negative.

However I'm not sure at this stage we have a choice but to try our best and believe Mr Annan that these people are really going forwards right now.

Think we shouldn't give up on a little praying! The big man upstairs is rapidly becoming our last hope. I think it's perhaps about time he came down here and bashed some hard heads together.

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William Deed said...

When do we start taking bets for the day Kofi says bugger you all I'm going home?

Anonymous said...

I warned you before: it is now a choice between which of the remaining lesser evils is better; going the Cote d'Ivoire way or making some adhoc changes to the Constitution to accomodate a political settlement - that is,a transitional government without a permanent PM or President! Trying to fix a permanent solution at this time that must abide with the current Constitution is to hold the country at ransom! Rushing for a permanent position of a PM is a recipe for chaos if the matter is not delved into deeply. A Transitional Constitution was needed that addressed only the Executive. This Transational Constitution does not have to be discussed by Parlianment. It is to be drafted and agreed by the Annan's Kenya National Dialogue team then signed by the party faction leaders. The Transition Government would then operate under this Transitional Constitution as work is going on to make stable,lasting amendments and updates to the current stalemate Constitution. I am also rather concerned that the talks have moved to discussing the question of power sharing before telling Kenyans any concrete facts on the alleged vote riggings! Who really won the elections? Was ECK culpable? Were documents really altered at KICC? Let Annan call a session with the media where he can take questions and listen also to the voice of the 'ordinary' people. He has met with all the high and mighty,what about doing some rounds with the common folks! Guys need to 'feel' that talks,ask him questions about the outcome of his meetings with Kivuitu,Moi,Raila,Kibaki and other simple,common questions!!


William - I think that's a brilliant plan. I will open the books immediately. I'll give nothing more than 5-2 on though for Kofi buggering off !

Anon - Lets just have a little faith that all Kenyans are not on for all out war. I do agree that these discussions don't seem to be going anywhere and asking the opinions of ordinary Kenyans may be a good idea as they definitely deserve to be heard right now, and i think Kofi's silence on what they are discussing is not helping us any.

Peter Ndegwa said...

MC and William, I agree with you. Kofi, if he does not decide to hell with these bloody Kenyans, will be here for a long while somebody should see some sense and move him to some suburb (close to Gigiri?) and save on the Serena costs.
We already have some issues creeping up in Mathare, some looting and burning yesterday.

Dad Mzungu said...

I also agree. It is all very well for Kofi to hold talks in secret, for Dr. Rice to breeze in, shooting from the hip, then breezing out again, but who is taking any notice of the ordinary people, those who are suffering because of this impasse?
TweedleK is worried that his cronies will lose income if he gives too much away. And TweedleO tables proposals that he knows are unacceptable to Tweedle K.
Yes, Bruce Almighty, come and bang some heads together, for the love of Kenya!
Oh, a news flash!
"They" are discussing the post of Prime Minister - with progress but no deal yet!


Peter - things definitely warming up all over i think, but here's the latest - whatever it really means..??

Anonymous said...

Only Madiba can save the shitstorm from engulfing Kenya.
He needs to fly to Kenya and convince these 2 intransigent politicians and their entourages that Kenya shouldn't descend into a mini Ivory coast.

Great blog by the way.