Monday, February 25, 2008

Not what you want to hear !

News is that the talks have all but collapsed.

The PNU team turned up at the talks this morning rubbishing everything that had been decided on by the end of last week and they have drafted a completely new proposal as to what they are prepared to give in to and it's almost back to square ONE!

Kofi Annan disolved the meeting and has seperately met both Kibaki and Raila today and has told them that they are the only two people that can sort this out and there is not a lot more he can do!

Shall we start taking those bets on how long it'll be before Mr Annan takes off?

I think we should start talking in hours now rather than days.

ODM has told police to provide security for Thursday morning at 10am in Uhuru Park for a mass gathering, so Thursday could be yet another exciting day.

As for the mayoral elections in Nairobi, the PNU and ODM camps got equal votes, then they both left the City Hall in different directions for meetings as to what they should do next. ODM came back from their meeting first and then jumped in and declared themselves the winner because the other guy had done a runner!

Throughout the country the mayoral elections caused chaos. ODM councillors won seats in the Western, Rift and Coast areas and PNU got the majority of seats in Central province. A few of the provinces didn't finalise their elections as some council meetings fell apart and had to be dispersed by police.

So all in all, another special day in Kenya's history books where bog all gets achieved.

Smashing start to the week wouldn't you say!

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seinlife said...

i really believe PNU never had any intentions of negotiating! darn f%^&&'s - all of them including those ODM butt nuggets that are calling for yet more protests on thursday.
Well it is ta-ta to Kofi for sure - you can't keep wasting a blokes time like he has a whole year on y'all.
Plz plz plz put in a room with those 2 MF's so i can knock some sense into those empty bongo's ...grrr

Anonymous said...

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Peter Ndegwa said...

From CNN
Annan threatens to leave Kenya talks
Former U.N. Secretay-General Kofi Annan has threatened to quit his role as mediator in the Kenyan power-sharing talks, one of his senior aides said Monday. The aide said Annan "believes that if genuine political will had prevailed, the problems could have been resolved a week or two ago."

Anonymous said...

This is great news! Many people are glad Kibaki has made an executive decision not to negotiate with ethnic cleansers.

People have been getting away with killing innocent Kikuyus (including women and children) for too long! The Brits did it before independence. Moi and his cronies did it in 1992 and 1997. Its time this nonsense was brought to an end once and for all.

Now that Kenyans have chosen to let their skeletons out for the world to see there is consensus amongst Kikuyus that it is not NOT okay to kill our women and children whenever the country is faced with political change.

Dad Mzungu said...

I agree, Peter. Maybe pressure from neighbouring states who are affected by the crisis will bring certain people to their senses.
But it seems to me, as an outsider, that Kenya is sliding down the slippery slope of so many other African states, where democracy is a sham if it is present at all.
I just hope and pray that whatever happens, the violence will be stopped. If it flares up again, outside aid agencies will start pulling out and the ordinary Kenyan will be even worse off - and it won't make the blindest bit of difference what tribe they are from.


Seinlife - think we should shut them in a small room and throw away the key!

Jason Dittle - I've told you more than once, please take your $800 and get lost sweetie - Thx so much :o)

Peter - I'm going with 24 to 48 hours max till Mr Annan's flight leaves.

Anonymous Kikuyu - There are always two sides to every story.

DM - Some aid agencies have already pulled out and ordinary Kenyans are already far worse off than they were two months ago that is for sure.

Dad Mzungu said...

Well, this aid agency isn't pulling out! I don't know what I/we can do, but if we can do it, we will.
In Kisii, there are still a large number of refugees who need food and shelter. I will be hammering on doors in Nairobi before moving upcountry. I just hope someone is in!

Anonymous said...

Annoymouse-just how does PNU decision help the country as a whole?

sizzla said...

Kikuyus were killed by the brits, then killed by moi's government and now killed again during kibaki's time?

The thing is there has been so much impunity. If u read the akiwumi report on clashes in 92 and 97, the same guys mentioned are the same ones today, yaani kina Henry Kosgey, and those other ODM Clowns.

enuff is enuff. The gvt is going to deal decisively with these threats. and there's no love lost with the British gvt, we've never liked them anyway and I'm glad Martha Karua tells them the truth , albeit in other words to " F Themselves.."


DM - Good luck and I hope it all goes well.

Anonymous - Absolutely.

Sizzla - You sound like a very well balanced type of fellow
- chip on each shoulder.
(PS. Ever thought about the other 40+ tribes in Kenya?)

sizzla said...

Mzungu chick,

The 40 + tribes, well communities is a better word indeed do exist in kenya.

However, hsitorically, no other community suffered as much as the kikuyu and the Luo.

I now understand why. If yu were the Brits at that time, you'd focus your energy on the largest threat at the time and that was the kikuyu and Luo, The Largest ethnic communities in kenya.

The British succeeded in using divide and rule tactics to neutralize their largest threat. This tactic of divide and rule is still used by kenyan and other politicians today to maintain their power.

Majority of the mau mau were kikuyus who suffered brutally under the british and the "snitch" homeguards.

To amke matters worse, those kikuyu around Kenyatta at the time were a popmous arrogant lot, Moi must ahve endured so much from them as VP.

But thru out Moi's reign, kikuyus were continually displacved from the Rift valley in all these clashes in 92, 97.

Even the coast clashes of the mid to late 90's displaced kikuyu , Luo and luhya communities from the coast.

Tanzania surely knew what they were doing in advocating everyone to speak swahili to unify the nation.

My reccommendation is that we discourage our mother toungues and enhance swahili and english.

I know, I know, I 'll get alot of heat for that, but in tough times, we need to adopt tough measures.

when u speak in ur mother tongue, there are certain cultural biases yu get and view anyone else who doesn't speak ur tongue as a foreigner. This is what has brought has to where we are today.

Vernacular radio stations should be BANNED ASAP, and the gvt should encourage us to communicate in swa and english, not our mother tongues coz we'll always have biases.


Sizzla – Now you’re talking. I totally agree that all Kenyans should speak Swahili and stop this talk of ‘foreigners.’
Banning all vernacular languages in public could go a long way in stopping the tribal biases.
I, for one will most definitely promote your thoughts.