Saturday, February 9, 2008

I suppose we can't have everything.

Today in Kenya there is some good news and some not so good filling our media.

Listening to the news updates, we are definitely going in the right direction I think with regards to the mediation talks and a little 'Whoop' may not be out of place just now - but perhaps a quiet one, in case all those little chicks don't hatch as hoped.

Mr. Annan says that the media shouldn't conjure up any rumours and the ups and downs seen by all of the parties - one day shaking hands and the next spitting, is all 'mood swings' that are 'totally normal' in negotiations and we really shouldn't speculate over what we are seeing, but must all wait to hear what we are told and not listen to 'leaks'.

So there, that's told us hey! Kofi Annan should have been born a woman I reckon - he's so au fait with mood swings and one minute everyone's speaking and the next not. He's so not cut out to be a bloke - he actually 'understands' all these ununderstandables. If he wasn't quite so old and grey, I may have even offered to have his children, he's so fab! Mind you, saying that, I think that continuously cool, calm demeanour may do me in in the end - I mean I like a little bit of spunk in a man, and he's distinctly lacking that, but he is doing such a marvellous job with these stubborn thugs of ours,
I just can't help but admire the man, and think I may just have to slot him right up there with my heroes along with Indiana Jones and Darth Vader!

Meanwhile, in some parts of Kenya there are some militia groups that have taken to telling women what to wear can you believe. It turns out that low cut tops, mini-skirts and trousers are no longer to be worn by ladies in the areas around Nakuru, Naivasha and Limuru, and any women caught wearing such things have been known to be stripped naked in the streets and robbed and beaten.

It is absolutely ridiculous. I totally agree that there may be perhaps some people (especially those regularly on our screens such as young Britney here), really should have a better dress sense as lumpy legs are not really the most attractive things to look at on a sunny Saturday afternoon but come on, we do not live in the dark ages.

Lucy Oriang' from the Daily Nation summed it up well I thought in her commentary with this;

"Nothing can be more immoral than killing a human being just because they belong to a different community.

Isn't it ironical that the very same people who have blood on their hands should take the moral high ground over what women choose to wear?"


zed said...

wc i see it's cooled down enough to get the base instincts to come to fore. how else do we explain the obvious and not so obvious procreation talk peppering your post today? says

let's hope the 'leaders' don't disappoint.

Dad Mzungu said...


This sounds distinctly Islamic - the mode of dress, I mean. That is very worrying, luckily, I don't wear low-cut tops or mini-skirts.

As to Annan - I did say that I had faith in him, purely becuase it was the only chance that Kenya had. Maybe Tweedledum and Tweedledee realise this too. I am sure that whoever "wins", he will want a country to rule (and bleed financialy rather than literally).
Dad Mzungu


Zed - A little pepper is always good for spicing up things!

DM - Hi there. The dress code is to do with the Mungiki gang - who are mainly Kikuyu's and it dates back to days of old.
Well done for the Annan faith - its all wobbling today but i'll update on that later. Meanwhile lets hope for the best!

belle said...

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