Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Talks have NOT collapsed BUT they have been suspended .....

Hmmmmm ......
Sorry, but what the f*** does that mean?

Kofi: "I'm suspending these talks and shall now directly engage Kibaki and Raila to find a way forward and speed up the finding of a solution to this crisis."

ODM: "It's not our fault the talks have stalled, it's their fault."

PNU: "No, No, you've been pushing and pushing. It's your fault, not ours!"

The International community has threatened 'serious actions' against the country yet again, and Mutula Kilonzo has responded with "This is a Kenyan problem that will be sorted by Kenyans and we do not need to be pressured by anyone on the outside."

He might as well have said "Up yours Condi and friends, we can f*** this up perfectly well on our own without you pushing us thank you."

Personally I have absolutely nothing to add as it has become far too depressing for more words, and on the evening news, they are going with;

"Let's have a big discussion about how horribly, horribly wrong it will all go if the talks fail."

Smashing peeps, thanks for that. Think I might pass and have an early night instead if you don't mind.


Linguist said...

Mzungu chick and the rest of my fellow kenyans:

Don't get your hopes up with these "TALKS"

and why ?

Kibaki has no intention of sharing power the way the opposition wants.

Kibaki wil used, has used these talks as cover to do the "real work". He even used delaying tactics for these talks.

and what is the "real work" ? This is the countrywide re-organizing of the security apparatus from intelligence, police, and the army in order to begin the retaliation, and to comprehensively deal with the threats to the government, including those militias in rift valley.

when these threats are aliminated and the opposition doesn't have any more militia to deploy, is when the talks will resume.

The "negotiations" will center on kibaki's idea of sharing power, i.e. filling up the remaining cabinet positions with members of ODM.

and then life will go back to normal, probably by then Ruto's ass will be in jail, he'll keep delamere company in kamiti.


Linguist - I have to agree. Too many things do not add up, and Kibaki always seems to be in these talks just to keep temporary peace with the international community. As you say, once he's set up, it'll be business as usual and we will have achieved nothing.