Friday, February 8, 2008


Just watched Swahili news to see if there was anything more concrete from anyone with regards to the mediation, and guess what . . .

There isn't!

But what I did see which was incedibly disturbing, is that just today there are houses here in the centre of Nairobi in a place called Upper Hill and another place known as High Rise (and probably others we haven't heard of as yet), that have had ticks and crosses painted onto the frames of the doors of their houses.

This is what happened in other areas in Kenya where there has been ethnic cleansing of certain tribes and can you believe its now reared its ugly head here in the centre of supposedly safely policed areas in Nairobi.

This does not bode well no matter how far they've got or not in their talks.

How can these politicians sleep at night knowing these people with crosses on their doors may be chased from their homes or worse in the middle of the night just for being in the 'wrong' tribe even still today?

You can be damn sure those poor people living in those flats will not be sleeping for some time.

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Dad Mzungu said...

I have just received a BBC flash saying "Kenya's ruling party and opposition could be just days away from a final political settlement to end post-election bloodshed, officials say."
I suppose the important phrase is "could be".
But the BBC say that this is a significant developmentwhich could pave the way for power sharing.

Hmmm, yer, right!

And look, both parties have announced roughly the same thing:
"President Kibaki's side said there had been an "agreement in principle", while the opposition spoke of a "positive development"."


A little more news from this end says they have 'in principle' agreed to some form of joint government but no details have been agreed. That is for next week! They have also just lifted the ban of public rallies so let's see what that brings us!